Obama Sides With Terrorists, Turns on FBI

WASHINGTON – Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., had a succinct analysis of the Obama administration’s latest diplomatic move and how it appeared to conflict with FBI’s own assessment. “The presid

Two Weeks and All is So Wonderful! Is it not?

We are entitled to a government that stays within the confines of the Constitution, and the Constitution was written to keep the government off our backs and out of our homes and away from our telepho

The Fracturing Energy Bubble Is the New Housing Crash | David Stockman’s Contra Corner

Let’s see. Between July 2007 and January 2009, the median US residential housing price plunged from $230k to $165k or by 30%. That must have been some kind of super “tax cut”. In fact, that b

Inside Wall Street’s new heist: How big banks exploited a broken Democratic caucus –

We are such sheep. The system is so rigged and corrupt it is beyond belief and we "the people" do nothing but stare blankly at our TV and computer screens, bend over and receive our collective punishm

New Russia Sanctions Bill Will Be Signed by Obama, White House Says – (We might as well just declare the war that these total idiots desire–at least there will be no more debate about anthropomorphic global warming!)

This is a very dangerous game--America has been trying to engineer regime change in Russia for several years now. America, in essence, created ISIS by conducting our undeclared war against Assad's Syr

Dodd-Frank Budget Fight Proves Democrats Are Stuffed Suits | Rolling Stone

The hypocrisy in Washington seems to know no bounds. It is all a total illusion, a Kabuki dance for the media and our amusement. All the while keeping our attention from the sleight of hand, the picki

I can’t believe we made it. Great short video

For those of us who "made it" through this extraordinarily dangerous time, when the nanny state was not yet fully birthed and government bureaucrats and liberal fascists did not totally dictate how we

Don’t yell at terrorist suspects, soldiers told – Telegraph/ Torture is reprehensible, but… tea and crumpets is a tad silly

Torture is an ancient art, in one way or another is has likely been practiced since humankind's first clan conflicts over the Woolly Mammoth hunting grounds. It certainly is not a new practice for Ame

The Three Bombshells Tucked Inside The Continuing Resolution to Fund the Gov’t | Armstrong Economics

It is out there. It will happen suddenly and very swiftly. It is inevitable. A socioeconomic and financial market revulsion and catharsis that will make anything this nation has experienced in it's st

Citigroup to Move Headquarters to U.S. Capitol Building – The New Yorker

Every time I think I cannot be more disgusted in the American political system and its ruling plutocracy's unbearably putrid arrogance, I just have to wait one more day. It is almost hard to keep anyt

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