National Conversations Are Worthless | Washington Free Beacon– Especially when Al Sharpton is talking

What does it say to the world, let alone America, that the President of the United States views this totally corrupt, racist promoter of a moron as his trusted adviser? Totally so beneath the honor an

Dogs in Heaven? Pope Leaves Pearly Gate Open —Thank you Pope Francis!!

In a world of increasing chaos, inhumanity and blatant corruptions on so many levels, Pope Francis seems to have acknowledge what I already believed, I had to believe. I am rather alone now, but for m

Ben Shapiro: Republicans Secretly Want Obama’s Amnesty

Of course they do--it has been a core traditional Republican goal now for some time as it is backed by the crony capitalist class. It is a terrific source of cheep labor and for expanding the necessar

The Rutherford Institute :: The Game Is Rigged: Why Americans Keep Losing to the Police State

“The truth is that the State is a conspiracy designed not only to exploit, but above all to corrupt its citizens.”—Leo Tolstoy Excellent Tolstoy quote from John Whitehead's piece below, in fact

Trey Gowdy GRILLS Jonathan Gruber. Did You Apologize Because You Said It Or Meant It? –

I am sure that by now many of you have watched this on the web or Fox, but if not, it is terrific. I have wondered out loud whether is anyone left within the confines of the Beltway that has even a "s

Fifty More Ways to Leave Leviathan : The Freeman : Foundation for Economic Education

It’s been over a year since we published “50 Ways to Leave Leviathan.” That successful piece showed how innovation and entrepreneurship are gradually undermining the top-down, command-and-contro

When CPS Kidnaps Children for Money

Given what I believe to be significant child abuse in this nation, perhaps in all nations, there is a need for some form of protective actions to save children from the horrendous, life defining abuse

7 Emails Show FDIC Officials Scheming to Target Businesses & Senator ridicules Obama for not signing amnesty order

I have lumped these two distinct issues together not simply as a convenience, but because I ask this: Is there no decency? Is there no honor left in Washington? "My decency is bleeding red and everyth

Failure of State: They Fired the Wrong Guy | Cicero Magazine | Ideas on War & Peace

The continual expansion of the duties of the Department of Defense has promoted a diminution of the culture of the warrior in favor of the culture of management and the corporatization of the U.S. mil

Very Important –Statement of Geert Wilders during His Interrogation by the State Police–“Our freedom is being threatened. Threatened by a violent totalitarian ideology – Islam”

Very, very moving and powerful statement--it should be read by all Americans as well as all in Europe of European freedom seeking non-Muslims of any religion. We are on the path towards a police state

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