Special Report: Pizzagate is Part of Larger Picture-America and Global

-Insider Democrat ARRESTED For Pedophilia 2nd One With DIRECT Ties To Obama And Hillary -Child Sex Rings Reveal Unspeakable Acts of Power Elite                

The Monster of Belgium. Must Watch: This Disgusting Evil Is Real, It Is Everywhere. It Is Here.

No matter how absurd you think the "pizzagate" uproar is, you must look at the following, for these are absolutely known facts, not fake news--real, ugly and so much more pervasive in Europe and Ameri

Opiate Of The People- Consumption Sports In The Coliseum

Give them bread and circuses. Give them enough funds to survive and enjoy their slavery. Dumb, ignorant cattle herded by the baubles dangled by their rulers. This is America as it fulfills the effete

US provoking China into nuclear war?

There is only one thing, at least for the foreseeable future after the Trump inauguration as President, that will precede a major war: out and out currency war and Economic Collapse. Unfortunately, de

It’s Official: European Scientific Journal Concludes 9/11 was a Controlled Demolition

There should be no doubts, at least among those Americans that still have an independent thought in their brainwashed and indoctrinated minds, that 9/11 was an orchestrated false flag event of the neo

Life in New Urban Agenda ‘Smart City’ Promises Utopia–These People Are Insane and Very Dangerous

It is all about control. These visions are those of the power elites in a world with two classes, those that live and work as slaves and those at the top of the pyramid, which will no longer be a pyra

Farage: Democracy not Populism, Sovereignty for Each Nations People-Not Global Corporatism

Love This Guy..nails it again.  America will not be ruled by a progressive fascist elite living behind gated communities on both our coasts. We will not be ruled by progressive socialists pontificati

Your Child Is Not Safe from the Global Elite’s Child Sex Trafficking Rings |

There is no greater nightmare than for a parent to lose their child. Subsequently, it is undeniably an inborn instinct for the majority of parents to guard their children’s welfare with their lives

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