Why is Russia ALWAYS seen as the enemy?

There is no reason to quote Edward Bernays here because if you do not understand the entire system is one mass mind control machine by now, you never will. From the moment we wake up in the morning w

John McCain: An Idiot Neocon–Owned and Controlled By the MIC

So, John McCain has a comparable intelligence to Maxine Waters? There is only one reason this shrimp of a man was ever rewarded the status of "war hero"; it was because his father was a senior admiral

WikiLeaks Drops Bombshell Report Exposing CIA Involvement In 2012 French Election-Obama & Clinton–Hypocrites and Liars

Obama and Clinton are two faced liars and hypocrites. The Obama administration spent millions in tax-payer dollars to interfere in the elections in Israel, which is very well known, but conveniently f

Arrest Obama And Try Him For Sedition!

Indict this despicable Treasonous, Anti-American Pig of A Quasi Human--There is no immunity for Obama's treachery. He must be brought to justice and if found guilty, which he surely is, he should face

Can You Handle The Truth? Sexual Abuse of Children, Even Babies, Among Our Political Elite Is Far Worse Than You Can Imagine

No matter how difficult it is to believe that there is a vast pedophilia network in Washington, DC with many leading political figures deeply engaged in acts so horrendous, perverted and morally depra

NYT commits TREASON in fake news attempt to overthrow the United States Government… is it time to start arresting traitors who pretend to be journalists?

The New York Times is now actively engaged in deliberate acts of treason against the United States government. Following in the “journo-terrorism” practices of the Washington Post, the NYT has jus

NATO accuses Russia of fake news, while hysterically warning of WWIII —

News media organizations in NATO member countries have no qualms about repeating unfounded, reckless claims of an imminent invasion of Europe by the Russian military, even threatening to ignite World

The Deep State Is Going All In For Treason–They Must Be Stopped & Arrested

What is happening in this country is more dangerous than anything that America has ever faced. The Deep State and the hidden hands of the power elites from the Military Industrial and Total Surveillan

You Think You Live In A Democracy? Think Again–Must Watch Video’s

David Icke nails it, listen the full presentation. Nothing is what you think it is.  The Spy Revolt Against Donald Trump Begins | Observer Our Intelligence Community is pushing back against a White H

The Neocons and the “deep state” have neutered the Trump Presidency, it’s over folks!

They want to destroy Trump and impose their fascist progressive intolerance upon all of America. This has always been the plan and it is increasingly likely that prior to the election, as the hidden,

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