Toronto Muslim speaker: “We must celebrate our way of life…until their way of life dissipates under our feet”

  Canada’s Zero Tolerance for Barbaric Cultural Practices Act forbids child marriage, polygamy, and forced marriage. It is being widely derided now as “anti-Muslim,” probably by the same pe

The FBI: The Silent Terror of the Fourth Reich –The Rutherford Institute

“After five years of Hitler’s dictatorship, the Nazi police had won the FBI’s seal of approval.” — Historian Robert Gellately Lately, there’s been a lot of rhetoric comparing Donald Trump

UC Berkeley Riots By Progressive Leftist Totalitarian Pigs-

Arrest Janet Napolitano, the Berkeley Bull Dike provost and throw the  rioting leftist fascist pigs in jail for a very, very long time. This must be stopped and stopped now, or these Nazi tactics of

BLM Anti-Trump Protest In Seattle: ‘We Need To Start Killing People’

To hell with these racist revolutionary animals-- sickening 

The Sanctuary Rape Nation of Califenezuala!!! Good Riddance!

Let them secede... However, it is only the progressive, wealthy elites wet dream of the overly tanned from the Hollywood theatre of the absurd and the Silicon Valley über rich globalist anti-American

The Rutherford Institute–Rule by Brute Force: The True Nature of Government

State power functions in various forms as a mode of terrorism inflicting violence, misery and hardship, often as a function of class warfare and American global imperialism, and how people are often c

Mass Mind Control and Misplaced Progressive Hysteria

Sometimes it takes a Russian Marxist theoretician to tell the American fascist progressive left how insane, hypocritical and mindless their anti-Trump rhetoric and mass Sorosian elite guided chaos is,

The United States Is On The Precipice Of Widespread Civil Unrest

The tragedy of 9/11 was an orchestrated coup d’etat, a false flag event of state-sponsored “synthetic terror” designed to unleash the “clash of civilizations” of Samuel Huntington’s famous

Trump Leaving UN-NWO with HR193 American Sovereignty Restoration Act 2017 : To Hell With The CFR’s Baby

Send the arrogant, corrupt and totally useless organization packing, but first require all of the many, many millions of dollars in unpaid parking tickets to be paid to NYC.  The tax revenues from a

‘Assad must go!’ Who must go? Obama, Kerry, Clinton, Hollande all GONE

The populist revolution will and must destroy the propaganda platforms of the former New World Order, which was nothing more than the overarching ideology of the fascist Anglo-American Empire. Assad h

I am sure you have already seen this, but it is so wonderful it is worth watching again! Woman Thrown Off Plane For Berating Trump Supporter

I would have guessed Cambridge or Concord Mass, but Seattle is even better. What a caricature of the mental disease that has infected the progressive, liberal class. And what a wonderful ending--the c

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