NYPD Reveals Repulsive Child Sex Crime Hillary Allowed to Go On & Soon, Much, Much Worse–Purge These Deranged Criminals

THE NEW UNDERWORLD ORDER is a world in which official criminality, driven by bribery and corruption, is the norm among all layers of governance. At the vast intergovernmental level, the Rule of Law do

Ryan – A Corrupt, Corporate, Globalist Speaker & It Was He Who Was Set Up!

It is entirely possible that the corrupt corporate shill, Paul Ryan knew that the Obamacare replacement, Ryancare, was doomed to failure, or, at the very least, that his remedy would end up as disastr

Perhaps It Is Time To Throw Away Your MAC & Iphone –CIA Has Total Control–Can Not Be Expunged

Totally A Must Listen--Julian Assange--The CIA Owns You Very Prophetic ---Big Brother Wins    

Obamagate & The London Terror Attack–Lock Them All Up!!

LOCK THEM UP!!!! Obamagate will accelerate the elites game plan to overthrow the President and prevent their heinous treasonous crimes from the angry glare of a disgusted public.  Was The Attack On

Dr. Phil Exposes Elite Government Pedophile Ring On Mainstream TV –It’s A Start!

For those of you getting tired of my Pizzagate/Pedogate rantings, I apologize. However, if one were to go back in my blog to the earliest days one would find that the global elite pedophilia pandemic

Cicada 3301 and Tengri 137–Something Big Is Going To Happen, Soon. MUST WATCH FASCINATING VIDEOS

Can the world truly have turned so irrational and insane without some agent outside of our normal perceptions catalysing the depths of the chaos breaking upon us everywhere? Perhaps. However, given th

The Criminality, Greed & Treason Is So Great-They Will Tear Down America To Prevent The People From The Truth: Awan Brothers

              What ever happened to the Awan Brothers? Why has the mainstream media dropped the story of Clinton/Obama/CIA spying and drug smuggling ring they placed

Illuminati Pedophiles Rule Society–The Depth Of This Evil Is Vastly Greater Than Imagined

The reality of the elite pedophilia pandemic is almost unfathomable as it is so widespread and horrific to be beyond most of humanities comprehension. There is a far deeper evil here than I ever imagi

Oceania Forever: Rise of the Global Police State

Patrick Henningsen- The physical Police State could not exist without some philosophical underpinning. Much has been written about the approaching Police State in alternative media. Commentary ranges

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