It’s Time to Cry Fire in the Theater

It is astounding to me how many of my friends, family members and so many intelligent people that I know well as walking about as if the smoldering fires burning around them and those set to engulf th

INVESTIGATE OBAMA! Plea to Expose Obama’s Treasonous Acts GOES VIRAL – TruthFeed

America is heading into a constitutional and civil crisis that may make that of the Civil War pale in comparison when the bloodied dust settles over the land. It is so much more than the treason of O

‘Obama wiretapped my phone’: Obama accused of ‘plotting silent coup’ Rise Up America!!!!

Arrest the homosexual pedophile former President now! I cannot stress enough the dangers of not cracking down soon on the leaders of the American coup being led by Obama and his masters, something I

Seditious Obama is Officially the White House Turd That Refuses to Flush

Apparently two terms in the White House isn’t enough; former-President Obama, who should be enjoying a cushy taxpayer-funded retirement somewhere, continues to actively try to undermine the Trump ad

Michelle Obama–If You Need A Very Good Laugh!!!

I don't consider myself a racist, although the radical black left and the anti-white movement is well along the path of changing this. Of course, in today's irrational theater of the absurd world, the

Climate Change HOAX exposed by Geologist straight to the UK Govt –

It Is The Globalist Elites Fascist Control Meme--It is a lie and the world is being enslaved by it--We must rebel against this absurdity. Excellent Video

Women Defend Yourselves – 1 Out Of Every Women In Sweden Will Be Raped–BY MUSLIMS

This multicultural PC moral relativism is beyond insane. How absurd are the American women parading around wearing hijabs and covered heads in sympathies with the misogynistic, anti-LGBT, wife beating

The Power Of Centrifugal Forces May Not Be Enough

One of the major battles in the deadly war for the soul of this nation, one that America has now been fighting unaware for generations now, is simply one between two forces; the forces of bureaucrat

The Best of Nancy Pelosi. Seriously. Lobotomized by Aliens.

If Nancy Pelosi were to be given the chance to rise to the level of her competency she would be pushing a broom about on the floor of Congress, not speaking in it. Apparently, the true secret of Alien

McCain Fingered as Trump Leaker –Impeach This Warmongering Traitor

  John McCain, to anyone familiar with this blog, is far down the shit pole of sewer rats on my list. He is a treasonous, inept, totally bought senator who I truly believe became a CIA MK-Ultra m

Muslims Have Turned Stockholm Into A World Rape Capital-CNN Should Be Shut Down

The lies that pour forth from the mouths of CNN and the other FakeStream Media broadcasters, like sewage from a drainage pipe in Dhaka, is so beyond Orwellian it is clearly of the makings of some futu

Let California Go and GO SOON! No More Maxine Waters, No More Pelosi–

Best thing that could ever happen to America--anyone speaking English will eventually flee, though the ideal scenario would be for all of the progressive PC brainwashed media headquartered in New York

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