Why Leftists Always Win

However, if things do not change and soon, the opposition to the collectivist, globalist left will become anything but dignified. If the rule of law is not restored, you know the one that was supposed

DOJ Attempts To Discredit FBI Informant And Stonewall Uranium One Investigation–WTF?????

There is no way they can continue to delay and bury the truth from erupting into hands of the resistance, or they will risk violence beyond anything these bastards think is beginning to boil. It will

There Are Now Well Over 1,000 sealed Indictments Across America: Scandals Erupt, Charlie Rose, John Conyers, & Yes, Old Billy-THE DOMINOES ARE FALLING

This is not the end, it is not even the beginning of the end, but it is perhaps the end of the beginning. --Winston Churchill, Speech given following the Second Battle of El Alamein There has been,

Soros Has Bribed The EU–Also, Soros Owns The Vatican and Francis The Globalist Pope

  The “list of Soros” exposes the EU as nothing more than a mechanism for the elitist billionaire to promote his neo-liberal policies consisting of border-less mass migration, same-sex marria

Obama’s Legacy: the Failed State of Libya (Just One Of The Many Failures)–Slavery Of Blacks!!

Obama’s Legacy: the Failed State of Libya Libya, once the gem for high-living standards in Africa, is today a failed state. Thanks to the discordant foreign policy of President Barack Obama and his

Something Very Big Is Going Down And The Clock Is Ticking!

  The Real "Calm Before the Storm"? The American Purge. All of the major events over the past few months from Las Vegas, to the Texas church shooting, to the entire purge in Saudi Arabia under Cr

Letter From Baltimore –

It is all about creating chaos. It is all about control. It is all about destroying all American sense of community, as they have done to the black communities in America. All as intended, it is not h

This Is What A Pre-Crash Market Looks Like

Michael Snyder-Economic Collapse Blog The only other times in our history when stock prices have been this high relative to earnings, a horrifying stock market crash has always followed.  Will things

Defining Deviancy Down–How Low Can We Go?

We are, getting used to a lot of behavior that is not good for us. As noted earlier, Durkheim states that there is "nothing desirable" about pain. Surely what he meant was that there is nothing pleasu

A Totalitarian Europe Now on Our Doorstep

By Julian Rose Global Research, November 09, 2017 It is vital to realize that all this is happening without any consultation or communication with citizens – who are being coldly manipulated to a

Rep. Gaetz: ‘We Are at Risk of a Coup d’Etat in This Country’ Unless Mueller Resigns or is Fired

House Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) called on Special Counsel Robert Mueller — who is investigating alleged Russian collusion with the Trump 2016 campaign — to resign because there is an apparent con

How Mueller & President Trump are Pulling the Biggest Sting in History – Is The Hammer Is About To Fall?

Possible, yes it is. Though rather unlikely unless Mueller has received a guarantee of protection from Trump for the crimes that he has committed, including the coverup of the truth of 9/11. It is ver

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