All The Kings Horses & All The Kings Men Couldn’t… Save Obama’s, Comey’s, Clinton’s, Mueller’s, Soros’s and on and on…….ASS

How in the name of God, or whatever you may worship, can anyone still deny the entire Obama administration, Hillary obviously as well, including the Muslim pig at the top, are not treasonous, criminal

2017 was world’s second-hottest year on record, federal scientists say: Total Bullshit

This is total BS. NASA & NOA have been producing faulty numbers now for years and these assuredly are and are designed to perpetuate the myth of anthropomorphic global warming. They’ve been

Meet Antifa’s Secret Weapon Against Far-Right Extremists: Those Of Us Who Stand For American Values & American Patriots

This Antifa supporting professor should be charged with any crimes committed by Antifa and those of the recent past, such as the vehicular homicide that he claims indirect responsibility for in Charlo

OOOPS! Astounding CNN Actually Put This On!!

In an apparent effort to pour scorn on the president’s first year in office, CNN traveled to Youngstown, Ohio to ask former Democrats who switched parties to vote for Trump what they thought of his

Trump Announces 2017 Fake News Award Winners’: In Case You Have Been Watching MSM!!!

And, Apple announced yesterday that as a result of the new Trump tax plan they were repatriating over $250 billion in overseas cash and building a brand new corporate headquarters here in the USA. If

Are You Awake? This Is Your Last Chance. You Are Being Brainwashed and Unaware.

So many Americans are being brainwashed in very subtle, very powerful ways. The methods are leading-edge scientific and the platforms available ubiquitous.  MUST WATCH!! Ever Wonder Why So Many Ameri

Let Them Eat Rape– What Americans Call “Liberalism” Is The Ideology of Western suicide

The primary causes of the contraction of the West—not the sole causes, but the sufficient and determining causes—have been internal and non-quantitative: involving either structural changes or int

Diversity Politics Vs. White People: Who Will Win?

Canada is Toast, Europe is Toast, as Germany, Sweden and France will never, ever be “European” again, let alone reflective of their national heritages. No, never again will we be able to m

Bill Clinton denies Clinton Foundation stole money from Haiti to pay for Chelsea’s wedding: Shot Down!!!

The audacity of this bloviating, senile lying rapist defies all known bounds! The entire criminal crime family that is headed by the Clinton’s is going down for the count. America will eventual

What Came out of Seinfeld’s Mouth Will UTTERLY Disgust You

I keep trying to get away from publishing these YouTube videos, however, they provide an excellent platform for those interested in exploring the truth of our warped world! What kind of human being wo

Bullshit To The Propaganda Machinery Of The Deep State! Debunking Blatant CNN Fake News Propaganda

Those who bought the Washington ComPost/CNN/MSNBC propaganda are total fools and perfect examples of the effects of the lack of critical thinking under a propaganda assault that would make Joseph Goeb

Haiti Is A Shithole Because They Never See The Support Funds to Help Them: Never Has The Clinton’s Corruption Been So Blatant–Hundreds Of Thousands Have Died.

Haiti is a shithole and the American political elites have made sure it is kept that way. How can supporters of the Clinton’s, Obama and the entire psychopathic, greedy cabal of their sycophants

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