Bullshit To The Propaganda Machinery Of The Deep State! Debunking Blatant CNN Fake News Propaganda

Those who bought the Washington ComPost/CNN/MSNBC propaganda are total fools and perfect examples of the effects of the lack of critical thinking under a propaganda assault that would make Joseph Goeb

Haiti Is A Shithole Because They Never See The Support Funds to Help Them: Never Has The Clinton’s Corruption Been So Blatant–Hundreds Of Thousands Have Died.

Haiti is a shithole and the American political elites have made sure it is kept that way. How can supporters of the Clinton’s, Obama and the entire psychopathic, greedy cabal of their sycophants

Twitter Is A Fascist Tool

I am sure most of you have seen this so I don’t give much value, but to those have not yet watched it, it is a must and very, very scary. Most of us are aware of the free speech restrictions tha

Chelsea Handler Alleges That Secret Lindsey Graham Gay Porn Video Exists

Indeed, Senator Graham is very likely gay and whether tapes or not is irrelevant as if there are it was the Deep State that was using them to compromise the Senator, not Donal Trump. And as John McCa

No license? Records show psych professor who ‘diagnosed’ Trump is missing something important

Yale University psychology professor Bandy Lee has deleted her Twitter account amid mounting allegations that she is not licensed in her home state of Connecticut. Accusations have been circulating o

The Corruption Boggles The Mind-There Is Much More To The Fusion Story

As Zero Hedge reports today, the story of Senator Feinstein release of the transcripts of Fusion GPS co-founder Glenn Simpson’s closed-door testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday

BOUNTY: Inspector General Probes Large Cash Prizes Handed Out to Anti-Trump FBI Agents

I wake up every day (thank God) thinking America stands a chance against the insanity, the corruption and the true evil that seems to have not only taken hold with rotting, fetid hands of our nation&#

American Police State Continues To Metastasize–

What causes a democracy to change into some non- or antidemocratic system, and what kind of system is democracy likely to change into? What if in its popular culture a democracy were prone to license

Oprah For 2020 Prez – Another Liberal Delusion

Well, Wafers, what can I say? The US is circling the drain in a race to the bottom. Absurdity is the touchstone of the final days of an empire. A country filled with horses’ asses can only gener

Dr. Jerome Corsi – Analysis of Recent Q-anon Postings-America Hangs In The Balance

Doctor Corsi is always brilliant and his comments concerning Q and the battle against the Deep State in 2018 are a must listen. The outcome of President Trump’s war against the corrupt, malevole

Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map” A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks: This Is It. The End Of The Evil Is Nigh!

The people of America, the people of the world may be on the brink of the first chance at real freedom since at least 1776 (Adam Weishaupt’s founding of the Bavarian Illuminati). Of equal, and f

Operation Condor – How NSA Director Mike Rogers Saved The U.S. From a Massive Constitutional Crisis…

This outline is the story of how the FBI Counterintelligence Division and DOJ National Security Division were weaponized. This outline is the full story of what House Intelligence Chairman Devin Nunes

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