26,000 Terrorists From Syria&Iraq Following Collapse Of ISIS/US-led Coalition

The Deep State, the Cabal seeking to destroy America and Western Civilization knows how to play the game of war, and folks; the people of this nation are engaged in a very real, very dangerous and civilizational war with the Satanic evil that knows no loyalty except to its goals of sowing chaos and destruction in the classic Hegelian dialectic of the problem (which they created), reaction (of which their understanding of human nature over many years of similar actions), solution: A cry from the world desperate for order, an order to be met by a global tyranny of corporate and transnational technocracy. In this case, they lost in their gambit to destroy Assad’s Syria, although Israel is set to carry on, so as Saul Alynski and Obama’s Chicago henchman, and brother to a powerful  Hollywood pedophile, Rahm Emanuel “why let a good crisis go to waste”.

Expect terror to spread like a California wildfire across Europe. Heads they win, tales we lose.

About 26,000 ISIS-linked terrorists are now trying to move from Syria and Iraq to Europe and around the world, according to the US-led coalition.

“There is a database of 26,000 terrorist fighters which are there to identity and action if they are identified trying to move outside of Iraq and Syria or throughout the world,” spokesman for the US-led coalition against ISIS Colonel Ryan Dillon said.

Dillon added that ISIS is no longer a “military threat” but this “does not mark the end the end of Daesh [ISIS]”.

“We are looking at the enemy and seeing how he adapts and we will provide our partners the support that they need to deliver the lasting defeat to Daesh [ISIS] in Iraq and Syria,” Colonel Dillon said adding that the threat of ISIS attacks around the world is growing.

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Source: 26,000 Terrorists Trying To Move From Syria And Iraq Following Collapse Of ISIS’ Self-Proclaimed Caliphate – US-led Coalition

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