64 Percent of Millennials Favor a Free Market Over a Government-Managed Economy – But do they even know what that is?

The problem with any poll conducted of Americans on any subjects besides sports and entertainment is that the responses are from basically from a very, very ignorant people. Not necessarily stupid, but ignorant. Is there hope for this nation? Is the collective intelligence of the American citizen a gestalt, greater than the sum of its individual parts? Can this mass of human ignorance collectively turn into something remotely intelligent? The fact that Obama is the President and we have such extraordinary fools, clowns and blatantly corrupt asses that sit in the seats of power on both sides of the aisle, can you guess what my answer would be?

Millennials are free marketeers. When asked to choose which is the better system, 64 percent of millennials say a free market system and 32 percent favor an economy managed by the government. By a narrower margin, 52 percent favor capitalism and 42 percent choose socialism.

Millennials appear to be more favorable toward socialism than a government-managed economy, even though the latter is arguably less interventionist. This raises the question: Do millennials know what socialism means?

Perhaps not. A 2010 CBS/New York Times survey found that when Americans were asked to use their own words to define the word “socialism” millennials were the least able to do so. Accord to the survey, only 16 percent of millennials could define socialism as government ownership, or some variation thereof, compared to 30 percent of Americans over 30 (and 57% of tea partiers, incidentally).

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Full Report:

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Warning Signs: How Intelligent are Americans?

580x458xcartoon_-_liberals-brain.gif.pagespeed.ic.BO1AOopOhXThe segments when Jay Leno would take to the street to ask Americans questions about things that one would expect them to know and those when Jesse Watters of the O’Reilly Factor on Fox News does the same thing invariably suggest that those interviewed are appallingly stupid. But how representative are they of the population?

The voters who reelected President Obama despite a first term that included all his policies that put the nation at jeopardy apparently made no connection between those facts and his competence. Voters who stayed home demonstrated indifference.

On July 3, following the latest U.S. Department of Labor June unemployment report, the Job Creators Network responded by noting that “We have more than 3.5 million young adults between 20-24 who don’t have a job, don’t attend school, and don’t have any degree better than a high school diploma—and astonishingly low literacy rates.” The official rate of unemployment was cited at 6.1%, but the Network calculated the real unemployment rate for June at 12.1%. Suffice to say that government data is so politically skewed that it is useless.

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