Are Professional Sports Fixed? Would you leave a multi-billion dollar business up to chance?

Are Professional Sports Fixed?

Would you leave a multi-billion dollar business up to chance?

The answer is? NO.

In a world seething with corruption; where the FBI is engaged in a coup against a sitting President of the United States; where elite pedophile rings dominate the centers of political power throughout much of the world; where these same elites, along with the CIA and other State covert agencies are the dominant factors in the heroin and cocaine trade, as eel as the now top earner, human, and child sex slavery; where the truth about a massacre of innocent Americans in Las Vegas was covered up by the authorities sworn to protect the nation from such heinous acts; where a corrupt corporate media drum propaganda drivel into the minds of Americans every day 24/7; where a scam like manmade global warming generates hundreds of billions of dollars a year in profits for the selected, few with much of it taken from those that are desperately trying to simply survive; where the head of the Catholic Church is a radical globalist pedophile siting in a throne room clearly designed to appear as a serpent, where the former light of democratic freedom has become the worlds most prolific state sponsor of terrorism and rains death down on anyone who opposes its corporate rule; and on and on…..

How gullible are we? Of course, the game is rigged. Yet, it’s so impossible for most to believe it for, despite the setback from the kneeling insanity, if America didn’t have the NFL, or other major national sports for that matter, we might actually pay attention to the tyranny and oligarchical dictatorship that is descending on this nation like a deadly, unstoppable plaque. If you owned a piece of multi-billion dollar a year revenue stream, would you let it all be run by chance or even by the supermen and idols that drive the adoring masses into a cash-generating frenzy? I’ll answer that for you, NO.

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