Are We Headed For War With Russia? The Deep State Demands War.

“Your choice is simple: join us and live in peace, or pursue your present course and face obliteration”

==The Day The Earth Stood Still

Mindlessly, without sight, Americans and our European foundational forebears are dazedly marching to our self-immolation. It will now take nothing less than an act of God or the intervention of Klatu and Gort to save us, or so it seems.  

As it has been “scientifically” shown that we Americans have regressed in our mental evolutionary capacities to now manage to only have the attention span of a goldfish, and soon, given the trajectory, down to that of an amoeba; as Zero Hedge points out, most of the nation, if they ever knew the truth at all, have long ago forgotten the FACT that a pro-Russian democratically elected regime in Ukraine was overthrown by a US/Soros funded, directed and controlled Neo-Nazi coup. A coup that has led to the raping of that nation at the hands of the corrupt, not only within Ukraine but also in the capable hands of the pillaging hordes of the Western globalist power elites.

Clearly, the Deep State, the Cabal, Committee of 300, whatever one wants to call the generations of evil, greedy and murderous powerful control freaks that are far from done with us all, had hoped this act would eventually lead to a more significant confrontation with a state that refused to play their game; the rigged game played with the dice of the financial and globalist elites, the dice and on their board. Hell, NATO, Hillary, and the others even orchestrated the in-flight destruction of Malaysian Air Flight 17 and the death of 299 innocent lives to blame the Russians and raise the ire of the sheeple of America in their building the propaganda histrionics needed for war.

They have not remotely given up on this goal. In fact, Theresa May, who has, despite her cagey, disingenuous support for Brexit, is a totally immersed, blood covered tool of the Deep State and always has been so. Without going into the details, I simply recommend that those interested in doing needed research look towards her involvement in suppressing the investigations into the Satanic murderous pedophilia of the British Parliamentary and Royal elites. It should disgust you.

There have been many attempts to raise the decibel on the war drums in America and the West since Obama’s State Department/Soros led the coup in Ukraine, the list is absurdly, if not surreally, long by now, and to-date, thank God, to no avail. However, the current state of affairs is different now. The unraveling of the extraordinarily well-executed plan of generations of “convergence” driven elites seeking a synthesis of Capitalism & Communism, creating a technocracy, where ownership and control lies 100% with the globalist elites, in essence, an enhanced fascism, has reached a stage where war is the only way to save hundreds of years of effort.

It is totalitarian, technocratic, “convergence” that the transnational power elites have placed their dreams in and it is now at its greatest risk of collapse since 1776’s Bavarian formation of the modern Illuminati. With the rise of the internet inflamed rise of populist nationalism the sniveling, smarmy Satanic fascists will rather risk total war and the death of billions in order to eliminate all of our remaining freedoms and take back control. A level of tyranny and control that could be so draconian it lasts for centuries. Our freedoms are being destroyed at a pace that, I am afraid, is reaching a tipping point that only a full-blown takedown of the Deep State through the revelations of their heinous crimes of treason, immorality, and civilizational rape are exposed in all of their gory details, the likes of which will rip the brainwashed minds of even the most indoctrinated progressive fascist.   

The idea that no other nations chemical warfare labs had the knowledge to create Novichok, the nerve agent no one doubts was originally created in Russia decades ago, is beyond laughable. Given the state of Chaos in Britain and the threats against the hidden hands of the Cabal in America, a false flag poisoning to notch up the West’s economic and media warfare against Putin is nothing short of beyond obvious. The piranha-like feeding frenzy, without any evidence given and without dissent allowed, across the political spectrums and in the mainstream media in Europe and here at home is reminiscent of every single propaganda campaign of the Empire since the sinking of the Maine.

Why change the methodology? This time, however, with their backs against the wall, the internationalist, hubris engorged evil that stands in opposition to every moral, ethical and religious principle supporting American democratic freedoms and a rapidly disintegrating Western Civilization, Total War, as I have voiced for years now, is, unfortunately very likely.

The Neocon Full Court Press For War Is Here

Further Signs of More War A Most Dangerous Game

Just a reminder of what America and our allies did to Ukraine, not Russia.

Maidan Icon Faces Arrest For Admitting Current Ukraine Officials “Led Snipers To Central Kiev”

Back in 2014, a Ukrainian member of parliament, Nadezhda Savchenko was lauded as a hero for her role in the Donbass military campaign and her prosecution in Russia. She is now accused of plotting to blow up the national parliament in Kiev.

According to local press, the Kiev General Prosecutor’s Office requested that the Ukraine parliament, the Verkhovna Rada, strip Savchenko of legal immunity and allow her arrest. While MPs in Ukraine normally enjoy protection from prosecution, General Prosecutor Yury Lutsenko filed the request on Thursday after Savchenko failed to show up for a scheduled questioning.

Maidan Icon Faces Arrest For Admitting Current Ukraine Officials Led Snipers To Central Kiev

Washington Was Behind Ukraine Coup Obama admits that US Brokered a Deal in Support of Regime Change

Kiev Euromaidan: Participants in 2014 Ukrainian Coup Confess

How and Why the U.S. Government Aided a Coup Led by Neo-Nazis in Ukraine

What America’s Coup in Ukraine Did

UKRAINE ON FIRE – The Real Story. Full Documentary by Oliver Stone (Original English version) from Robin Westenra on Vimeo.

Source: Maidan Icon Faces Arrest For Admitting Current Ukraine Officials “Led Snipers To Central Kiev”


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