‘Assad must go!’ Who must go? Obama, Kerry, Clinton, Hollande all GONE

The populist revolution will and must destroy the propaganda platforms of the former New World Order, which was nothing more than the overarching ideology of the fascist Anglo-American Empire. Assad has never, ever been an existential threat to America or any State for the matter, even within the Arab world.  The American led coalition of the ignorant and brainwashed masses of the West had nothing to do with the well being or safety of any nation other than perhaps Qatar, whose abundant natural gas needed a supplicant Syria to make its optimal passage to Europe. The plans of Dick Cheney and the neocons had been set years ago in the documents from the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) Syria was the last domino to topple in order to set the stage for a successful destruction of the Iranian Shiite theocracy without risk of unmanageable regard insurgencies. Saudi Arabian and Sunni animosity towards Iran was the stable core of the plan. And of course, Assad made one major mistake, he was allied with Russia and not a willing servant of western capital.

Assad, a secular, Western educated doctor whose people enjoyed far more freedoms than anywhere within the Arabian peninsula or Muslim Levant was made into a monster in typical a American fashion almost all of which are based on lies that were fully embraced and propagated as truth by the mainstream media throughout America and Europe. Are we reading about the successes of the Russian military’s retaking of many of the ISIS held territories in Syria? Still, the media is the servant of the military industrial complex and the neocon vision. The Trump victory must end the rapidly eroding power of the corporate owned media, all of whose CEO’s sit together at the Council of Foreign Relations.

The stranglehold of the foreign policy “experts” of the CFR and other breeding grounds within the “think-tanks” of Washington and NYC must be pried open once and for all. The mainstream media will be forced by the economics of the free market to change from being pure outlets of misinformation and the propaganda of the neoliberal globalist American traitors. Technology can not be muted, thus the truth can no longer be contained by the purveyors of the lies that are solely designed to brainwash the people into becoming mindless supplicants at the altar of the elites Administrative State.

The decentralization process that enhances mankind’s innate striving for knowledge and truth is metastasizing and there is no cure. The revolution that is Trump, Brexit and that will assuredly result in the devolution of the EU is only just beginning and no herds of outraged, mindless female lemmings nor Hollywood clowns can stand in the way. Their voices will be drowned out by the people. A new order is coming, but one based on the sovereignty of the individual, a striving for truth and a peaceful coexistence with all humanity. 

Assad is still standing – these criminals are not.

Source: ‘Assad must go!’ Who must go? Obama, Kerry, Clinton, Hollande all GONE

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