Assange Says He Has A Release Coming Next Week That Will Put Hillary In Jail, If Comey Doesn’t.

Comey may have given Assange a huge favor…..Free Republic
10/29/16 | TMA

By looking at the reactions of people regarding the FBI re-opening the Hillary email case, I think it caught everyone by surprise. The Hillary campaign, republicans, media…..all were surprised…everyone. This may also include Julian Assange.

The FBI stated that the reopening of the case was due to material found in an unrelated case. Initial reports are pointing towards Huma and her estranged husband, Anthony Weiner. Conventional wisdom is saying that Comey would not open this case, 11 days out from a general election, unless there was something substantial.

Enter Julian Assange. He has been releasing emails from Clinton staffers everyday for over a month now. A couple of days ago, he issued a statement that next week he was going to release information that would put Hillary in jail. So far, he has been releasing emails from key Clinton staffers like john podesta. I think next week, Julian will release Hillary’s emails.

This is where Comey’s announcement comes in. The buzz words now are FBI, emails, Hillary, investigation; the public’s interest is heightened now. If Julian releases emails from Hillary, it will be like a train wreck, everyone will want to see them. If some of them are marked “Confidential” or “Classified”, that may be a below-the-waterline hit on Hillary’s campaign.

Julian may not have expected Comey’s actions yesterday, but he is likely very happy about it.

The video was released in the mid-summer–but we are told the truly damning emails are about to hit. Let us all pray that this is so!

Also, next Wednesday we can expect the details of the National Enquirer’s “Mr. Fixer” with regards to Hillary’s sexual debaucheries and other tidbits that should, in a rational world, put the nail in the coffin of Hillary Clinton. But, then again, we clearly do not live in a rational world.

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