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Former Wall Street Master of the Universe or perhaps thought he was such, before the rise of the hedge fund billionaires. Still in the game, but on a more subdued basis. Recovering from over 40 years of hubris, over-consumption and mental exhaustion. Avid reader and Kindle addict, with over 1,000 titles so far with only three or so of them being fiction, 1984, Brave New Worlds and Animal Farm. Overly verbose, opinionated and wishing that I had taken the "blue pill", as my research and the resultant restructured patterns of my cognitive awareness and biases have left me distraught and very scared for the future of America. The propaganda induced and maintained myths I once believed in about this nation have all been shattered on the rocks of a very depressing reality. I now appreciate the aphorism "Ignorance is bliss", though not as a conscious choice.