Bipartisan Panel: US Must Prepare for ‘Horrendous,’ ‘Devastating’ War With Russia and China

Perhaps, they will get their war after all. If so, most of America will once again fall behind the jingoistic, expertly crafted propaganda, the war drums of the mainstream media and the uniform screeching of the blood lusting elites of the ruling class. They are desperate to cull the population, even if it means sacrificing the blood of their own families. Time is running out for this game of death to work, for the awakening of the people against them is truly gaining steam and the cycles of nature may soon turn against them as mass starvation and anarchy knows no rank or privilege.  

I have warned for many years now that when cornered and threatened not only with exposure, but with the justified retribution with the hangman’s noose, the power elites will risk taking the world with them into hell. The only soothing aspect to this, is that they are the ones destined to perpetual torment, not the people whose lives have always been of no consequence to them. Psychopaths have no empathy.

All of the above being said, I do not think this will lead to war with Russia, though as with all saber-rattling distractions the risk of mistakes and foolhardiness is frighteningly high. The world is now become a giant game of Kloward, Piven mental masturbation designed to wear all but the most ardent nationalist and patriot down to dust. If we let them win, the end game for humanity however, will more than likely result in all who live somewhere off in the not too distant future think that the better end game may, actually have been a cathartic, cleansing bloody war.

Bipartisan Panel: US Must Prepare for ‘Horrendous,’ ‘Devastating’ War With Russia and China

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December 11, 2018
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December 11, 2018
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