BOUNTY: Inspector General Probes Large Cash Prizes Handed Out to Anti-Trump FBI Agents

I wake up every day (thank God) thinking America stands a chance against the insanity, the corruption and the true evil that seems to have not only taken hold with rotting, fetid hands of our nation’s heart and soul but seemingly everyone that we assumed were there to protect and serve this nation’s citizens and the Constitution. However, by days end such hopes are dashed by the continued onslaught of news that would have, in days of old, resulted in voices of such outrage that they would send the fear of God into the Satanic hearts of Washington. No more.

We have become so docile and accepting, except of course for the trained and Soros/Obama paid and organized communist thugs they have let loose on our streets. We have been anesthetized while corrupt and depraved elites of wealth and power remove all rationality, all willpower and leave us lobotomized and limp. As I have said repeatedly over the past few years now, there is only one way to save this nation; go after the leaders of the Satanic pedophile cabal with everything possible and shock the world into awareness, awaken the somnolent minds through shock therapy, and throw the entire lot of them in a pit so deep their voices can never be heard from again. If Trump and the DOJ do not do this soon, it will be too late. America is about to fall into a  period of tyranny like none that has ever existed before.

Potentially illicit private performance bonuses — or political payoffs — between $30,000 and upwards of $50,000 possibly awarded to high-ranking FBI agents have caught the eye of the Inspector General, according to federal law enforcement sources. Your tax dollars at work at the FBI. The two levels for cash awards include the Meritorious award and […]

BOUNTY: Inspector General Probes Large Cash Prizes Handed Out to Anti-Trump FBI Agents

Source: BOUNTY: Inspector General Probes Large Cash Prizes Handed Out to Anti-Trump FBI Agents – True Pundit

Mind-blowing video shows Democrat activists being mass hypnotized in broad daylight… the Left has become a CULT of fanatical followers

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October 15, 2018
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October 02, 2018
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