Can You Hear The Clang Of The Prison Doors? Can You Hear The People Sing? MUST WATCH INTERVIEW.

HUGE! Former Intelligence Community Officials speak out about Spygate: The Veil Is Being Lifted. Prison!

Obama’s entire senior administration from the White House to the FBI, CIA, and DOJ are going to prison, as is Hillary and her Satanist, pedophile toadies. I have said now for many years that the crimes of the evil, psychopaths that occupied seats of power in America for far too long will be so unsettling to most of you that your first thought will be disbelief, followed by horror and then a sickness of your soul beyond anything ever experienced. Once you are awoken, the final stage will be an anger almost uncontrollable.

EVIL WILL BE TAKEN DOWN. Be aware, however, that President Trump declared this month as National Disaster Preparedness Month for a reason. Expect a major disruptive false flag from the Deep State desperate to defend against the coming Tribunals. They will fail, but be prepared to survive anything.

MUST WATCH!!!!!!!!!!!!


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How UN Scientists Are Preparing For The End Of Capitalism

UNDERSTAND ALL OF MY BLIND AND BRAINWASHED FRIENDS!! The UN is one of the evilest, above the law, One World Government, raping, pedophile riddled organizations on this rapidly disintegrating planet. E

January 02, 2019
Where’s the Outrage?… Stalinist Deep State Opens NEW Investigation on George Papadopoulos Over Russia Hoax

Unfortunately, America is more than likely: Toast. We will have a civil war soon or suffer under an unimaginable technocratic progressive tyrrany. Most likely both.

December 14, 2018
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