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Are We Headed For War With Russia? The Deep State Demands War.

“Your choice is simple: join us and live in peace, or pursue your present course and face obliteration” ==The Day The Earth Stood Still Mindlessly, without sight, Americans and our Europea

17 MINUTES OF “SOCIAL ENGiNEERING”- Mind Control And The Death Of Freedom

As suggested by the UN’s Figueres, only a social engineering program of unprecedented dimensions can “save the planet.”  ==Hubris: The Troubling Science, Economics, and Politics of Climate Chan

The CIA Democrats–Our World Is About To Get Far, Far Worse

I am close to throwing in the towel. The Fabian’s, Frankfurt School heirs, and Cultural Marxists have won, as have the Satanists, the CIA and the entire cabal of evil globalists. Western Civiliz

Hillary Clinton to receive Harvard’s Radcliffe Award. Can It Get Anymore Surreal?

This is one of the most egregious, in–your face, defiler of all reason and morality ever committed by this once prestigious university, founded by Puritan intellectuals whose integrity and cogn

What Is Coming Will Rip Your Understanding Of Reality To Shreds- ABSOLUTELY MUST WATCH VIDEOS

Reality is beyond your wildest, most demented nightmares. It is even so very likely even beyond mine. I have traveled down this rabbit hole for years now, and still am not sure of the truth. However,


Love this fellow!! Brilliant, as always……when the curtain comes down and the handcuffs are placed on the corrupt and treasonous evil beasts, Obama, Hillary and their entire cabal of Satan

WHAT Crash Landed Over The Antarctic?

“I can assure you that flying saucers, given that they exist, are not constructed by any power on Earth.” ―President Harry S. Truman April 4, 1950―White House Press Conference UFO SECRET FILE

Is Jeff Sessions A Total Deep State Spineless Weenie?

Are we totally screwed folks? Are we being led to the slaughter like the stupid, lobotomized sheep that we have all become? The crimes of the Obama administration, the crimes of the Clinton’s,

Requiem for Syria,  Bernard-Henri Lévy

I totally disagree with this opinion, as Assad’s Syria was invaded by the US/Hillary/Deep State-backed rebels so that their real friends could push out the Russian/Iranian supported regime and

Say Goodnight To South Africa: No One Cares?

Today, South Africa signed its death warrant. The murder, rapes, and infanticide against the white population of the nation will now be practically officially sanctioned with the decision of the new g

Truth Purge: Official Florida Narrative Is Total BULLSHIT. Something Big Is Coming….

If you think we are not in a war against forces of evil and power that have sought to destroy this nation almost since its very founding. Even if you are one of the walking brain-dead indoctrinated Zo


I want you to imagine the worst person that you’ve met on Wall Street, the most ruthless and the most diabolical … That is the best person in Washington... – Anthony Scaramucci ( best words