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Glorious news comrades!

As part of my mandatory speech at the Textile Factory nr5 voluntary re-collectivisation class, I would like to talk about the media. The Censorship News Network (part of the Pravdamerika conglomerate) has now gone one step further in the glorious Korrektifikation of the regime’s propaganda.Since you American capitalist swine are clearly unable to use “Doublethink” well enough, certain news items have to be… re-adjusted to suit the PC narrative.

Let us, for the sake of re-education, look at the video (stolen from the fascist pamphleteers at Breitbart (spit, spit) )



What this lady says: Burning down shit ain’t going to help nothing! You all burning down the shit we need in our community. Take that shit to the suburbs. Burn that shit down!

Or, in other words: do not destroy my property. Go burn the property of those rich white people in the suburbs.

Mmmmmh, bold statement, right? Not really compatible with the political correct media coverage about this kind of incidents.

Censorship News Network

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