Charlottesville: Here’s what really happened–Hegelian Dialectics: Soros, CIA & The Ukraine Model

Propaganda is always a means to an end. The propaganda that produces the desired results is good and all other propaganda is bad.

–Joseph Goebbels

If you believe the bullshit on Charlottesville spewing forth from the likes of CNN and every major corporate/CIA directed mouthpiece fanning the flames of civil unrest, wake up. It’s all part of the plan to sow chaos across America. It is simply a continuation of the race war policies of Obama funded by George Soros.  It has Soros and Deep State fingerprints all over it, a well designed and well funded civil war. Violence was 100% certain with the police pulling back and letting the two groups have at it. I can also assure you that without the horrible act of the deranged man from Ohio, the media would still be blaming the “white”supremacists for all of the violence that occurred. There is no mention of ANTIFA (who are the true fascists), of Black Lives matter or the very likely Soros funded paid provocateurs. There can be no room for doubt that the police knew full well that there would be violence. Violence was exactly what was desired. Expect more of the same. From the chaos will come the solution and the American people will be the losers. 


Charlottesville protests and Kiev riots have the same Soros fingerprint


It there is anything Deep State does not want to see, it’s a united right.

The NWO globalists will do anything in their power — and they have a LOT of it — to prevent a genuine unification of the many different groups on the right side of the political spectrum.

The oligarchy that administers the US Corporation will absolutely not tolerate an authentic patriot movement on American soil.

The power elite who oversees the U.S. political class see the Trump movement as the bane of their existence.

Simply put, the long-running conspiracy between the Washington establishment and wealthy elites to defraud the American people will not risk exposure by today’s fast-growing Truth movement.

On one level, this is why the false flag black op and psyop was carried out in Charlottesville, Virginia.  The powers structure feels that it has no choice but to terminate the patriot movement by every means possible and any means necessary.  Yes, TPTB are that desperate at his late date.  And what follows is a video that illustrates that sheer desperation.

Charlottesville Here’s what really happened

Deep State Determined to Take Out Trump Only the American People Can Stop It

Source: Charlottesville: Here’s what really happened | SOTN: Alternative News & Commentary

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