China Is Far More Fragile Than One Might Be Aware: Ink Girl.

China, more forward-looking than most nations, is very aware of the dynamics of the natural cycles of earth and sun. Because their history is one of a continuous record going back thousands of years, the Chinese know how the various regions will fare during a Grand Solar Minimum (GSM) and it is not pretty. They also know that the falls of dynasties many times overlapped with the extreme social unrest that lasted decades, unrest generated by the massive agricultural failures that accompanied GSM cycles.

Already, China is suffering from the same regional droughts and floods that accompanied past GSM and we are years away from the ultimate nadir in what is now called the Eddy Minimum, an unstoppable cycle will be creating an extraordinarily dangerous food shortage not just in China, but around the world. China’s One Belt and Road policy is driven by commercial trade considerations, as well as preparing for the regional dynamics of a long period of rapidly changing agricultural dynamics. China will not be able to withstand a long trade war with the United States if grains and other essential food products are restricted. The sparks of social and political unrest are already percolating domestically modestly for now, but over the next year or two far more seriously. Communist China will become far more fragile than we are led to believe, though the Chinese elites are very much aware of the historical records of past GSM’s that correlate strongly with the fall of empires. 

Here in America, though our geography will allow for better resilience to the effects of the unfolding climate extremes, there will be scarcity and significant pain from massive price increases at the supermarkets over the coming years and certain regions formerly lush and productive will become totally unproductive for farming. One thing is certain, however, the American Empire is unsustainable and the risks of global chaos will achieve levels never witnessed in human history. And this analysis does not include the very likely deleterious impact of major seismic activity disrupting commerce along the New Madrid Fault Zone or the entire West Coast, both with possibly incalculable costs in human life as well. Although, we are told over and over that a major volcanic eruption in the major areas of risk such as the Yellowstone Caldera, do you honestly believe that the government would tell us if there was?

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