Clinton Crony Recruited, Funded Top FBI Official Wife’s Campaign | Observer

When will we rid ourselves of this scourge of corruption and civilizational rot? Or are we far too brainwashed, indoctrinated and controlled by the system that was designed to just this?

Corruption is business as usual for the Clintons, and the brand of politics they and their close associates represent.

Virginia Governor and 2008 campaign manager for Hillary Clinton, Terry McAuliffe has once again become embroiled in a corruption scandal involving the Clintons.

In May, it was publicly revealed that the FBI was conducting an investigation into questionable campaign contributions McAuliffe received in 2013, while he served as a board member to the Clinton Global Initiative, a subsidiary to the Clinton Foundation. A Chinese businessman, Wang Wenliang, donated $120,000 to McAuliffe’s campaign in addition to several other donations he made through U.S. businesses, including a $2 million donation to the Clinton Foundation.


Source: Clinton Crony Recruited, Funded Top FBI Official Wife’s Campaign | Observer

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