Clinton Surrogate Helped Get Argentine ‘Dirty Money’ Into the U.S –Never Ending Corruption

There are three things in life that are now certain for we mortals that reside here in the former United States; death, taxes and that we will never know the depths of the criminality, corruption and moral degradation of the Democratic candidate for the highest office in the land nor that of her pedophile, rapist unzippered husband-in-name-only.  

Florida lobbyist Freddy Balsera partnered with Carlos Molinari, who’s been indicted in the financial scandal in Argentina, on the scheme.

Here’s a story, thus far unreported, about a leading Clinton surrogate and fundraiser named Freddy Balsera who founded a company called Global Development Consultants Inc. with Carlos Molinari, a businessman who’s been indicted in a massive financial scandal in Argentina. Global Development Consultants is mentioned on multiple occasions in Molinari’s indictment, and Argentine prosecutors believe it played a role in laundering money directly into the United States — which would seem to be a good hook for U.S. reporters. The related scandal — which has been heavily covered by major U.S. media outlets — has resulted in the indictment of former Argentine president Cristina Kirchner and a host of financial middlemen and money launderers.


                         Source: Clinton Surrogate Helped Get Argentine ‘Dirty Money’ Into the U.S | Observer

The Clinton campaign, the DNC, and the mainstream media are all implicated in the first 25,000 of Podesta’s emails—with that many still to come.

On October 21, WikiLeaks released another batch of emails from Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta, making this 25,000 out of the 50,000 emails they claim to have obtained.

Here are the most revealing emails included in the first half of the Podesta releases.

Source: Corruption Recap: The First Half of WikiLeaks’ Podesta Emails | Observer

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