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death-750x394Hillary Clinton has been groomed by the hidden hands of the  transnationalist power brokers in America for  more years than one might think. Like Nixon’s loss to Kennedy and backseat to Goldwater in the election of 1964 ( Johnson had been essential as the backstop to the murder of JFK and his presidency had been 100% assured) the gift of the Presidency was assured by these same corrupted hands and their direct heirs.

It is hard for several generations of the brainwashed and indoctrinated to really face the reality of the depth of the American political systems corruption or even attempt to contemplate it, for the foundational beliefs implanted in their minds by the well crafted memes and revisionist history of the ruling elites to be doubted, would tear most from their comfortable mental cocoons resulting in an inability to even function.

Hillary is as evil as they come. She will, following the well laid out visions of the masters that have ruled over us for the past 100 years, be the last President of the United States. Of course, there is still a chance that the real setup leads to a COG event with Obama commanding the nation under the chaos of war, terror or massive civil unrest.

As Donald Trump continues his string of controversial utterances, polite types in the GOP Establishment are clenching their stress balls. Some voters, even Republicans, are reportedly considering the “safer” alternative of Hillary Clinton.

Trump says a lot of things for effect and to snag free media. Sometimes he’s having some fun or being sarcastic, and the ponderous politically correct, whose language policing doesn’t allow for subtlety, takes him literally.

But one thing is crystal clear, and it should cause voters to question whether they are fleeing to much more dangerous ground with Hillary: the actual records of Clinton and Trump. That is, what they did — not what they said. And a look at Hillary Clinton’s performance as secretary of state should prompt grave concern and even fear about her judgment and temperament.

If Hillary Wins, Border Security Fails

If Hillary Wins, Border Security Fails

If Hillary Wins, National Defense Fails

If Hillary Wins, American Jobs Suffer

-Despite Trumps Warts, Fear Hillary

Source: Despite Trump’s Warts, Fear Hillary | LifeZette

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