Goldman Predicts Commodities Will Soar in `19 as Oil, Gold Climb. Major Move In Gold

China knows damn well what is ahead, so does Trump. The Belt & Road is mostly a southern trade route and extends in to equatorial Africa, which will be one of the most productive producers of agricultural products over the next 100 (perhaps far longer) years. The records of how China agriculture fared during Grand Solar Minimums goes back many thousands of years in China and they have a reverence for history that most nations do not. They need our grains now, however as they have become a net importer and next year will be critical for them. In the past, their dynasties have fallen during Grand Solar Minimums. Bet on a deal!

Also, to understand our own future price outlook look at the wheat futures markets in Australia, up 50% yr./yr and heading far higher next year.

Grains and Gold/Silver– Own them. Gold and Silver physical. Despite appreciating the uniqueness of decentralizing the central banking system with Crypto’s, ask yourself the following question: What would you want to own when a CME/Carrington Event destroys the world’s grid? That one should be damned obvious. The risk of years of being unable to access your Crypto’s (or ever) is very, very real and totally not priced into this market, though perhaps recent actions may be a forewarning?

Goldman Predicts Commodities Will Soar in `19 as Oil, Gold Climb – Bloomberg

The War Between Globalist, Centralized Tyranny By Elites & Freedom, National Sovereignty & Individual Rights Is Coming To A Head

Macron has EU troops and EU armored vehicles in France to suppress his own people. Though, as you may recall, this Rothschild banking and former elite child sex toy, was inaugurated not to the French

December 11, 2018
Global warming is causing more snow to fall on Antarctica? And Polar Bears are moving to New York for Cheap Condo Prices!

Do you know why the effete globalist elites know they can create such a powerfully destructive meme based on lies and absurd fabrications such as global warming’s fear-inducing sea level bullshi

December 11, 2018
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