Hillary Clinton to receive Harvard’s Radcliffe Award. Can It Get Anymore Surreal?

This is one of the most egregious, in–your face, defiler of all reason and morality ever committed by this once prestigious university, founded by Puritan intellectuals whose integrity and cognitive abilities are obviously so far above Dean Cohen’s and the entire Board of Harvard combined that one can hear the rumblings of disgust in both heaven and hell of those upon whose shoulders the greatness of Harvard once rested. Hillary Clinton is very likely the most evil, Satanic pedophiles ever so honored. Shame…Shame…Shame.

Perhaps, this odious aberration of a human being, Dean Lizbeth Cohen needs to walk the slums of Haiti and ask the people, the real people there how much they appreciate the extraordinary humanitarian efforts of Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. Better yet, Hillary should walk about the bombed out, blood stained ruins of the Libya the same way Qadhafi did, that is without a bullet proof dome on her limousine shaking hands with thousands of admirers. Of course, in this evil bitch of a witch the admirers would be the ghosts of the dead women and children this laughing murderer so obviously enjoyed killing and the black slaves whipped to near death and sold into slavery by the Islamic monsters she unleashed upon them.

Can Dean Cohen forget Hillary’s pedophile networks? Can Dean Cohen forget about the monstrous organ trade, with organs taken live by medical necessity from unfortunate captured innocents on the streets captured by her acolytes, the Islamic beasts in Syria, Iraq, Africa, Bosnia, Serbia and on and on? And least, but not least, has Dean Cohen forgotten all of those friends of Bill and Hillary that have been “suicided”, a list that defies every possible numerical chance of reality even of Ms. Cohen’s obvious lack of mathematical abilities. 

“We commend Secretary Clinton for her accomplishments in the public sphere as a champion for human rights and the welfare of all,”

Former presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton will receive an award in May for her impact on society from the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study at Harvard University, according to a press release.

“Hillary Clinton’s life and career are an inspiration to people around the world,” Radcliffe Institute Dean Lizabeth Cohen, who teaches American studies at Harvard, said in the press release.

Hillary Clinton to receive Radcliffe Medal

Source: Hillary Clinton to receive Harvard’s Radcliffe Award

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