Hillary’s In The Hamptons! Parteeee! Raiser With All Her Friends

download-hilwListen to the brainwashed Clinton propaganda machinery leap to absurd heights of comical absurdities trying to slough off the weeks of attacks on the truth seekers of the internet such as Alex Jones and others for whom they heaped vitriolic disdain upon for calling out Hillary’s likely very deadly diseased body and still try and paint the Vicious Murdering Paint Suited Beast as a healthy animal (I refuse to call her a woman) who happened to either trip, faint from the unbearable heat of 80 degrees as the a nice breeze seemed to cross paths with all but The Beast, or perhaps even a slight case of pneumonia!  

She is far, far sicker and has been for months, if not years. The idea that her doctors just decided to check her to discover pneumonia on Friday after months of coughing fits and clearly needed support from her Praetorian Guards is a joke that the idiot talking heads on MSNBC, CNN and the other servile sycophants of the mainstream media refuse to question. These jackasses owe apologies to the purveyors of truth in the alt-media, but will likely go to the party in the Hampton’s for Hillary, dead or alive.

Epic Rachel Maddow Meltdown: Lies and Distortions Flow  (Perhaps Maddow and Hillary have munched together?)

United Kingdom Crisis | Tommy Robinson and Stefan Molyneux-Muslim Rule

Free Speech is Dead. Britain is Dead. Sweden is Dead. Europe is Dead. Will America follow? It will most certainly will if we let the Democrats and progressive fascists take back the seats of power. A

March 20, 2018
EPA’s Pruitt: Agency will no long use junk ‘secret science’ to push climate change hoax. YES!

A top UN IPCC official has stated openly that “we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.” In fact, the UN climate panel is nothing more than a political lobbying organizatio

March 20, 2018
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