Human Generated Global Warming–Not.

The Greenland Ice Sheet Has Not Been Complying With The AGW Narrative

Consider these recently-determined scientific conclusions pertaining to the Greenland Ice Sheet.

(a)  Greenland was 3 to 5 °C warmer with 40 kilometers less ice area 4,000-10,000 years ago (Mangerud and Svendsen, 2017, Lasher et al., 2017, Kobashi et al.,2017).

(b) There has been no net warming of the Greenland Ice Sheet in the last 80 years (Hanna et al., 2011;  Zhao et al., 2016).

(c) Melted ice from the Greenland Ice Sheet has contributed only 1.5 centimeters (0.6 of an inch) to global sea level rise since 1900 (Fettweis et al., 2017), with no (zero) net sea level rise contribution between the 1940s and the early 2000s.

(d) Melted ice from the Greenland Ice Sheet contributed only 0.39 of a centimeter (0.15 of an inch) to global sea levels between 1993 and 2010 (Leeson et al, 2017).

(e) [T]he interior of the GrIS [Greenland Ice Sheet] is flowing 95% slower now than it was on average during the Holocene.”  (MacGregor et al., 2016)

(f) Greenland has been cooling slightly since 2005(Kobashi et al., 2017).

(g) And now it has been determined that the regional locations where warming and ice-melt has occurred on the Greenland Ice Sheet can be primarily attributed to high geothermal heat flux forcing.

The scientific evidence continues to accumulate supporting the position that the Greenland Ice Sheet has not been following the modeled expectations of the anthropogenic global warming narrative.

Groundbreaking AGW-Undermining Study: Greenland’s Warming, Ice Loss Due To Geothermal Heat

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