“I Know What North Korea Wants” – President Carter Warns; The Empire Knows AS well.

Absolutely correct.

If anyone has ever bothered to read the PNAC document (Project for New American Century) you would have become aware of the plan, as laid out by the key neocons who would eventually populate the Bush administration, most of whom had also directed the prior Bush Presidency as well, that clearly stated that first they would take out the Middle East; Iraq, Libya, Syria and Iran and then North Korea, Russia and China. Full Spectrum Dominance. Interestingly, they made it very clear that what would be required was a new Pearl Harbor to seduce the American people to war on such a scale. That was in 2000. After 9/11, it is no coincidence that W said exactly that when he claimed the (government sanctioned) attack was “America’s 21st Century Pearl Harbor.”

The little fat boy in North Korea knows how to read and he certainly knows what America and its vassals have done in the Middle East and Afghanistan.(Afghanistan was warned by Bush that we were going to invade them well before 9/11 as the Taliban reneged on several major oil and gas pipeline deals with American corporate giants. Preparations were all ready before 9/11)

The plan has failed in the Middle East due to the resistance of Russia, Iran and to a lesser, but still significant, part that of China, all three of which are the real goals of the PNAC plans. Plans that have been in force through four Presidencies, and despite appearances, will be in force throughout the Trump years, if he is allowed to serve them out. Domestic policies can be reversed and revised back to the chosen course by the puppet masters that rule us, but derail the plans of the Empire at grave risk to life. I will not be allowed to happen.

It does not help when the mainstream media is under the CIA and Military Industrial-Wall Street Complex’s total control that is spouting the war propaganda in a tried and true form that was developed by the first true fascist leader, Woodrow Wilson’s Creel Commission under the sure footed guidance of the Tavistock trained Edward Bernays and Walter Lippmann.  Nor, by the fact that an overwhelming majority of American’s cannot find North Korea on a map, which is also due to the success of the first American progressive Fabians plan to create a dumbed down, obedient, and docile mass of proletariat idiots. 

Carter is right and Kim may be crazy, but crazy like a threatened fox.

Former US President Jimmy Carter repeated his assertion that the US works more like  an “oligarchy than a democracy,” while also lambasting Trump’s “hopeless” approach to the increasing tensions with North Korea. –Zero Hedge

Of course, the former President is being a tad ingenious here, for he full well knows that America has not been a democracy for generations.

-I Know What North Korea Wants – President Carter Warns US Oligarchy Refuses To Do It

Source: “I Know What North Korea Wants” – President Carter Warns “US Oligarchy Refuses To Do It” | Zero Hedge

Knowing what you know now, that is if you are still reasonably sentient, would you trust America and the world to these people? If I added Dick Cheney and Donald Rumsfeld into the mix, as they did not wish to have their picture taken, would you trust this rogue’s gallery of war criminals less? 

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