If You Do Not See The Trout In The Milk, You Are Hopelessly Brainwashed

We have been fooled again.

It’s time to avenge the American betrayal of Liberty herself.

FDR’s embrace of “convergence” theory, the theory that held that the Soviet Union and the United States, would meet, ideologically and operationally speaking, roughly halfway, and any concessions, moral and other, were a price worth paying.

–American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character (West, Diana) —Must Read Book on the Reality of America.

A conspiracy on a scale so immense as to dwarf any previous such venture in the history of man. A conspiracy of infamy so black that, when it is finally exposed, its principals shall be forever deserving of the maledictions of all honest men.”

Senator Joseph McCarthy

The conclusion of Spies by John Earl Haynes, Harvey Klehr and Alexander Vassiliev, who wrote: “It was no witch hunt that led American counterintelligence officials to investigate government employees and others with access to sensitive information for Communist ties . . . but a rational response to the extent to which the Communist Party had become an appendage of Soviet intelligence. And, as the documents in Vassiliev’s notebooks make plain, they only knew the half of it.”

Expert estimates now peg the number of Americans assisting Soviet intelligence agencies during the 1930s and 1940s as exceeding five hundred. Not one Aldrich Ames. Not two Rosenbergs. Not five “magnificent” Cambridgers. More than five hundred willing and variously able American traitors, many operating at the very highest levels of the federal government, with who knows how many more in support roles. This was a national security fiasco of a magnitude that has never, ever entered national comprehension.”

“As [M. Stanton] Evans lays out in detail, much of it drawn from newly declassified FBI and Senate records, the United States wasn’t just riddled by Communist agents; we were for all intents and purposes occupied by a small army—a small army being just what this kind of war requires.” 

-American Betrayal: The Secret Assault on Our Nation’s Character (West, Diana) 

An extraordinarily sobering, frightening and important book. 

Why these quotes? Because the history of this nation is not remotely what we have been told. The plans for FDR-like “convergence” into a totalitarian socialist global state were laid out hundreds of years ago and FDR was fully on board the idea, thus the New Deal which brought socialism into the mainstream during the appropriate crisis. By the devil? I have no idea, but well planned and well executed evil nonetheless. These ideas were formed in the sixteen hundreds by the Rosicrucians and with further bells and whistles, the destruction of Christianity, the demise of the family, morality by the occult cult of Adam Weishaupt called the Illuminati in 1776. We are all, as is all of Western Civilization walking deaf, dumb and blind into a well laid trap. Nothing is as it seems, from our own indoctrinated and  programmed consciousness derived realities, but with absolutely certainty to American history and the world of politics.

As I have mentioned in the past many times,  and which any sentient American not yet totally brainwashed would understand: America is NOT A DEMOCRACY. It is an oligarchical Empire run by no more than several hundred powerful, hidden hands. The real power elites always have two choices for Americans to vote on come November that are, in reality, simply variations of the same core themes, particularly in regards to foreign affairs.  This faux democracy is designed to make us feel, from cycle to cycle, from Democrat to Republican and all in between and at the fringes, satisfied that our vote actually made a difference. That yes, by golly George Babbitt, we “the people” can, every four or eight years take back our country from the evil cabal that is guiding this nation to its self-destruction.  We feel exhausted by our successes and are normally induced into another cycle of lobotomized complacency. Normally so, but not this time. Why?

Because, George, this time it is different.

Despite the very likelihood that the American voter has been denied real choices since at least the “election” of America’s, and the world’s, first truly fascist leader, Woodrow Wilson in 1913, perhaps going all the way back to the last real choice that upended the status quo, that guy still on your $20 dollar bill elected to the Presidency in 1829 (how long?), the ruse seems to always work. The election of Donald J Trump as President of the United States, no matter how hard we may wish it, no matter how the likes of Alex Jones, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone and many other very intelligent political sages pontificate on how “if only we” could all rescue Trump from the den of globalist iniquity that swims around him like bloated sharks smelling blood, all would be well. Bullshit, they are suffering from reverse Trump hyperthermia, the cognitive dissonance of hope.

Trump is playing the game perfectly. Shifts in domestic policies, or even attempts at them, go a long way in creating the necessary delusional state of mind in that portion of the public that the cycle shifts are designed to placate, as they can be so easily reversed or, more likely, even circumvented right from the start, though in a covert manner. With each swing in the supposed political and social changes that are the lies fostered on the two main constituents from the new face behind the desk in the Oval Office, a large swath of America is fooled once again.

Go back and listen to the promises of Obama, the Nobel Peace Prize winner and then look at the record of blood and war crimes. This is where the wizened hands of the true powers pulling America into the dark abyss allow us a sense of democracy, of free will and of a false sense of the value of the citizen. What is true in America is true throughout the “free”world. It is a mirage, a mirage, however, that is fraying at the edges rapidly. 

The idea that President Trump is a virtual captive to the Svengali’s in his cabinet and among his close cadre of advisors is more than absurd. If believed, it implies that he has become a weak kneed incompetent without the will power we know he has shown throughout his life. Who hired all of the Goldman Sachs members of the team? Who brought in all of the Generals? Who sent Jared Kushner over to Israel and Saudi Arabia, not to talk peace, but to plan the next phase of the war against Iran and its allies? What is more likely, that he is being poisoned or drugged, technologically invaded (never underestimate the advanced technologies of mind control available to our controllers) or has been in on the game from the very start?

Spouting the rhetoric of the populist-conservative we thought we elected, the one who said we needed to get out of the Middle East and the wars the this nation started and has continually funded, the one who said he would deport illegals, Trump is still able to rally the enthusiasm of the crowds–so invested in his image are they that it will take being smacked in the head by a 500 pound tuna before they have doubts.

Think about it for a moment.

Name me a promise he has actually fulfilled? The most evil woman to walk the earth today still can sign her odious name to an absurdly psychopathic book and make equally absurd comments to the panting sycophants, incubus and witches in the MSM. Pedogate has of yet yielded only the minor underlings of the massive global network of the CIA, Mossad, global elite network of Satanist pedophiles and child organ harvesters merely scratching the surface, as every one of the major cases has over the past thirty to forty years of apparent breakthroughs.

The wall will not be built. Obamacare will not be revoked. Illegal and islamic immigration may be temporarily restricted, but for how long? Yes, George, Trump did roll back transgender’s in the military, though it seems to be more of an empty gesture so far. And, Yes by golly, he is sure going after the NFL and others who bend the knee during the national anthem! He certainly has given not one, even remotely suggestive, indication that the Trump administration will roll back the American Empire and bring not only our young men and women home where they should be, but by doing so save the on budget $700 billion Military Industrial gift, nor the likely hundreds of billions further in off budget black ops, funded by drug smuggling and human trafficking that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands around the world and here on the streets of America.

All Distractions while the game goes on exactly as planned out over the past several hundred years. A plan leading to only one combined cataclysmic event: war, the death of millions and the imposition of the global technocratic tyranny of a very small powerful transnational elite. If total chaos, race wars and intractable violence was the necessary spark needed to induce the Hegelian dialectical process that will lead to our total enslavement, who better to create it? Trump or Hillary? Clearly, the evidence is in and the damn game is only in the early stages of its final act.

There is only a few ways to dispel my obvious despair. Fire the Deep State mole Jeff Sessions. Arrest the Clinton’s for God knows how many crimes. Arrest practically the entire Obama administration as well as many in both Bush administrations for treason and crimes against humanity. And finally, declare the end of the American Empire.  Otherwise, folks prepare yourself for our deserved tribulations and hell on earth.

But why is it different this time, Mr. Babbitt? Because this time the curtain is about to fall. In fact it already is gaining on the stage right now.

Judicial Watch W President Tom Fitton’s Speech at “Keep Your Promises” Rally

President Trump, the neocon red herring.


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