Do you wanna know how horny I am?!  (No Joe, I do not want to know and I am sure that the 13-year-old girl you asked this of doesn't give a damn either.)

If Joe is a certified member of Club Pedophilia is it that much of a stretch to believe that Obama has been a card-carrying member since, at least, his joyous time in the dank, dark hallways of Chicago's homosexual retreat the Down Low Club? Ideological fight? If it were simply a fight over ideology and Obama's "legacy" why not save the propaganda, money and the energy of the indoctrinated, brainwashed leftist minions for the congressional elections in two years? One reason and one reason only; the political and wealth elites in Washington, the former Clinton and Obama toadies, the drug and human sex slave traffickers in the CIA, the FBI and the Pentagon's covert intelligence units, the homosexual former President and all associated with the criminal activities of the Deep State, cannot allow the Trump team time to investigate and unveil to the world the depth of the treasons and moral depravity that has ruled over America over the past 17-20 years. Yes, this time frame includes the crimes of the Bush pedophile, drug smuggling syndicate.

Joe Biden tells 13-year-old girl he’s ‘horny’?

A video has surfaced on YouTube — a snippet from C-SPAN footage of the ceremonial swearing-in of Senator Christopher Coons (D-Delaware) in January 2015, wherein Coons and his family had their picture taken with VP Joe Biden, who was 72 years old at the time.

Coons is the half-bald guy standing next to Biden and Mrs. Coons, the pretty blonde woman wearing a gold necklace.

Senator Coon’s 13-year-old daughter, Maggie, initially stood third from the left, but her mother beckons her to move to the center.

As the girl walks to the center, Biden reaches out with his left hand, grabs the girl’s arm, pulls her to him, and quickly “cops a feel” by putting his hand on her torso.

“I Know What North Korea Wants” – President Carter Warns; The Empire Knows AS well.

Absolutely correct. If anyone has ever bothered to read the PNAC document (Project for New American Century) you would have become aware of the plan, as laid out by the key neocons who would eventuall

September 14, 2017
‘Big fish’ Debbie Wasserman Schultz watches as ‘small fish’ start to cut deals—Burn These Evil Beasts (Including the folks at the SPLC!!)

Time to get the pitchforks out folks and be prepared to fight for America... We will win, but these animals will not go down without blood in the streets.  'Big fish' Debbie Wasserman Schultz watches

September 07, 2017
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