Last Chance to Defeat Political Correctness?

The 2016 presidential election is almost certainly the last chance to stop political correctness.

You didn’t hear it here first, but you’re not going to hear it anywhere else with more conviction: The 2016 presidential election is almost certainly the last chance to stop political correctness, Progressive Liberalism’s ingenious, phenomenally successful invention for suppressing political dissent. Both political parties, the academy, the media, and adherents of the administrative state bow to PC’s imperious rule.

political-correctness-is-mind-control-1-250x159Its standing as an irresistible orthodoxy is revealed when every heterodoxy is swiftly identified and punished. Of all the candidates, only Donald Trump has had the courage to attack political correctness frontally, and popular response to his heresies has been enthusiastic. Judging from the media reaction, there are clear signs of hysteria among the Washington ruling elites, both Republican and Democrat. If Trump wins in November, politicians, intellectuals, journalists, bureaucrats, and other administrative state minions will no longer be able to hide behind PC’s veil of deceit. Trump’s direct appeal to the people means that his success just might re-establish the fundamental founding principle: the consent of the governed is the source of the government’s “just powers.”


Source: Last Chance to Defeat Political Correctness?

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