Let California Go and GO SOON! No More Maxine Waters, No More Pelosi–

Best thing that could ever happen to America–anyone speaking English will eventually flee, though the ideal scenario would be for all of the progressive PC brainwashed media headquartered in New York City to move to LA to join the rest of their kind. The IQ of the nation would immediately rise. Waters is one of the stupidest jackasses to ever sit in Congress and MSNBC’s Chris Hayes is one of the most putrid purveyors of fake news and anti-democratic vitriol on the airwaves.  How are lobotomized subhuman idiots like Waters and Pelosi allowed in to occupy seats of power in America? 

Source: Democrat Maxine Waters Calls Trump Cabinet Picks: “A Bunch of Scumbags” (VIDEO)

NOAA Just Put Out An Alert Of Accelerating Magnetic Pole Movement –Pay Attention

If someone told you there was a 50%, perhaps even substantially higher, that your house or apartment was going to burn down what would you do? Perhaps, take out a little more insurance at the very lea

March 23, 2018
DOJ Admits They Have a Grand Jury Empaneled in FBI and DOJ Investigation… Q Was Right Again!!!

The Easter Season has just become something even more special for Christians and for all people seeking freedom around the world of whatever religion, race or nationality. This may finally be the true

March 23, 2018
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