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Donald Trump, President of the disunited States of America, is the last hope for this nation. That being said, with regards to his foreign policy, he is either; delusional, captured by the Deep State or the most brilliant long game and Machiavellian master of the arts of state that has ever sat behind the big desk in the Oval Office. The other choice, that he always was and remains a Trojan Horse anointed through the same process of faux democracy that the elites have foisted on the American people for well over 100 years seems increasingly hard to believe, given the vituperous, maniacal and extraordinarily well planned and staged dance of death being conducted by the Deep State, all its minions and by the Dark Lords of the elite that rule them all.

Only the few remaining believers in the veracity of our government and the CIA controlled toadies running the mainstream media believe that Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Wahhabism, radical Sunni Islamic terrorism and whose princes rely for their legitimacy almost entirely on their foundational family pact with ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab  in 1744 and a strict adherence to the most conservative tenets of Islam (at least publicly), has not been equal to Qatar in its support of ISIS for geopolitical and economic reasons. Nor, for that matter, that the United States has either turned a purposeful blind eye to this support, or, as is more likely, encouraged, abetted and augmented this support.

If the policies being effected in the Middle East under President Trump are driven by a masterful hand at entrapping the Deep State and truly rooting out the radical Islamic elements, cutting off our support for the Gulf States that support them, including Saudi Arabia, then I stand in absolute awe of the courage of this man. However, at least on the surface and several layers below, this seems hard to believe. 

All governments lie, ours more than others. If the Deep State, as it has historically done, allows this President a modicum of freedom to pursue his domestic agenda, it will never relinquish the power to control foreign policy and this is where the game becomes almost surreal.  

If President Trump truly wishes to Make America Great Again, then he must remove the stain of 110 years of our history and end the American Empire, even if gradually. His moves so far, from Somalia to Syria and his reversal of campaign rhetoric evidenced by  his current support for NATO and the war games being conducted now in the former Soviet states that directly threatens Russia does not give me hope that, at least on the foreign policy stage, this President has removed the shackles of its puppet masters. 

Liars Lying About Nearly Everything – The Unz Review

Terrorism supporters in Washington and Riyadh close ranks against Qatar

The United States has been using lies to go to war since 1846, when Americans who believed in manifest destiny sought to expand to the Pacific Ocean at the expense of Mexico, acquiring by force of arms California and what were to become the southwestern states. In 1898 the U.S. picked up the pieces of a dying Spanish Empire in a war that was driven by American imperialists and the yellow dog reporting of the Hearst Newspaper chain. And then came World War 1, World War 2, and Korea, all avoidable and all enabled by deliberate lying coming out of Washington.

More recently, we have seen Vietnam with its Gulf of Tonkin fabrication, Granada and Panama with palpably ridiculous pretexts for war, Iraq with its nonexistent weapons of mass destruction, Afghanistan with its lies about bin Laden, Libya and its false claims about Gaddafi, and most recently Syria and Iran with allegations of an Iranian threat to the United States and lies about Syrian use of barrel bombs and chemical weapons. And if one adds in the warnings to Russia over Ukraine, a conflict generated by Washington when it brought about regime change in Kiev, you have a tissue of lies that span the globe and bring with them never-ending conflict to advance the American imperium.

So lies go with the American Way of War, but the latest twist and turns in the Middle East are bizarre even by Washington’s admittedly low standards of rectitude. On the 5th of June, Saudi Arabia led a gaggle of Arab and Muslim nations that included the United Arab Emirates, Egypt and Bahrain to cut off all diplomatic, commercial and transport links with Qatar, effectively blockading it. Qatar is currently isolated from its neighbors, subject to sanctions, and there have even been Saudi threats of going to war against its tiny neighbor. Salman al-Ansari, the president of the Saudi American Public Relation Affairs Committee, even tweeted: “To the emir of Qatar, regarding your alignment with the extremist government of Iran and your abuse of the Custodian of the two sacred mosques, I would like to remind you that Mohammed Morsi [of Egypt] did exactly the same and was then toppled and imprisoned.”

-Liars Lying About Nearly Everything

Source: Liars Lying About Nearly Everything – The Unz Review

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