Major Volcanic & Seismic Activity Ahead–Be Prepared!

Tim’s Pleasant Thought for the day!!

This is exactly what was predicted by the Grand Solar Minimum models–It is going to get much worse. Volcanic ash will accelerate the coming mini-ice age! Seismic activity will drive major events in the US from the West Coast, the New Madrid Seismic Zone (NMSZ) in the Midwest to the Carolina’s. The earthquakes of 1812 during the Dalton Minimum in the NMSZ were among the worst in recorded history. If anything close to this occurs in this solar minimum cycle the destruction would be beyond devastating in the region, but also the oil, gas, and transportation infrastructure destruction would strangle the East Coast for many months. 

ABC says scientists believe the current eruptions and serious signs of such, from Bali, Japan to Costa Rica are totally unrelated, however, this is total BS. Though they may not be directed related to each other they are absolutely related to the activity of the earth molten iron core being affected by the serious increase in the cosmic ray flux due to the decrease in the magnetic force of the sun as it goes dormant. If anyone of the many potential volcanic blow-offs is of remotely historic magnitude, the ash spewed into the atmosphere would accelerate the cooling trend already in force due to the approaching mini-ice age, a global trend that will not peak until the 2030’s, if it does at all for centuries to come.

It is of critical importance that we all be aware of these events, they are related and they are confirmation of the Grand Solar Minimum models, models that are not based on conjecture and faulty assumptions like the CO2 Anthropocentric models thrust down our throats by a well-funded cadre of fake climatologist’s herd and financial instincts.  The solar cycles and the clear coincident effect on earth temperature and geology are not conjecture, they have occurred with regularity for hundreds of millions of years. In fact, relativistic to historical evidence, the earth is around 500 years past its due date for a return to a major ice age, not just a “little” one.  We all, I am sure hope this is off by a few thousand years, however, we will not know until it is too late. At the very least, expect increasing weather, volcanic and seismic disruptions in North America and around the world over the next 10-20 years, starting yesterday!

In today’s world, everything is connected!

A repeat, however, for those that have not watched, you should!!

MANILA – The Mayon Volcano spewed a fountain of lava and an ash plume for the third time Tuesday afternoon, hours after a similar event as authorities and residents remained on alert for a hazardous eruption.

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