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download mh17I have posted this series over the past few months. For anyone who bothers, the evidence that the Russians were involved in this horrendous murder of all on the ill-fated MH17 that, incidentally has never been presented by the accusing American State Department, not only does not exist, but it is obvious that it was more likely that is was America and our vassals in NATO that undertook this false flag mass murder to incite the West into the typical propaganda engorged anger. Why?  To either generate sufficient outrage gives cover for a military response or, at the very least, in order justification to further isolate Russia with more severe sanctions.

We are the damn MURDERS, get used to it. Stop being such docile subjects to the same repetitive propaganda techniques that our elites have used ever since the damn sinking of the Maine!! Why was absolutely no proof provided by Jen Psaki, the State Department spokeswoman? There was none. 

Latest in the ongoing series by MH17 Inquiry on Youtube Is the entire “could an SU-25 do it?”

Debate no more than a diversion that has kept anyone from asking the more important question… – was it an SU-25 at all? 

No It Was The Ukrainians Under Supervision of NATO and the United States

Source: MH17: “it was a MIG” | OffGuardian


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