Michelle Obama–If You Need A Very Good Laugh!!!

I don't consider myself a racist, although the radical black left and the anti-white movement is well along the path of changing this. Of course, in today's irrational theater of the absurd world, the simple fact that I am white means that I am innately, genetically a racist, so what the hell! Call me what you will, but that being said, I do despise the senior Obama's and do not rule out the various rumors about Michelle's earlier existence as a man nor B. Hussein's dark past in the dungeons of Chicago's infamous "Down-Low Club" supported by Reverend Jeremiah Wright and in which the gay members of his flock could enjoy themselves and others with abandon. Anyway, whatever your persuasion..

History Will Show That Donald Trump’s Presidency Was Our Greatest Ever

Of course, the treasonous Muslim Soros/CIA Saudi tool Barrack Hussein Obama will go down as the worst President in the most damaging Presidency in American history past, present and future.  Hear me

December 18, 2017
DOJ & FBI Had Long Relationship With Dossier Authors–It Is Coming Down

The entire FBI and CIA must be dismantled from the top down and those found guilty of the crimes, treasons and subversive acts should be prosecuted without mercy for there cannot be an American resurg

December 12, 2017
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