Michelle Obama–If You Need A Very Good Laugh!!!

I don’t consider myself a racist, although the radical black left and the anti-white movement is well along the path of changing this. Of course, in today’s irrational theater of the absurd world, the simple fact that I am white means that I am innately, genetically a racist, so what the hell! Call me what you will, but that being said, I do despise the senior Obama’s and do not rule out the various rumors about Michelle’s earlier existence as a man nor B. Hussein’s dark past in the dungeons of Chicago’s infamous “Down-Low Club” supported by Reverend Jeremiah Wright and in which the gay members of his flock could enjoy themselves and others with abandon. Anyway, whatever your persuasion..

United Kingdom Crisis | Tommy Robinson and Stefan Molyneux-Muslim Rule

Free Speech is Dead. Britain is Dead. Sweden is Dead. Europe is Dead. Will America follow? It will most certainly will if we let the Democrats and progressive fascists take back the seats of power. A

March 20, 2018
EPA’s Pruitt: Agency will no long use junk ‘secret science’ to push climate change hoax. YES!

A top UN IPCC official has stated openly that “we redistribute de facto the world’s wealth by climate policy.” In fact, the UN climate panel is nothing more than a political lobbying organizatio

March 20, 2018
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