Military, Political and Diplomatic Trends Of 2016 That Will Shape 2017 – This Is An Excellent Summary

Anyone who believes they know the shape of things to come in 2017 and beyond is taking full advantage of the newly introduced weed laws in Massachusetts and around the nation. What is purchased in Mass will not stay in Mass...and anyway, the folks on Wall Street don't all live in NYC by any means! It will be a far more turbulent year than is being presently joyously discounted in the equities markets. At some point, as they say, a stop clock will be correct and for the past several years I have been such a broken instrument.  

Regardless, it will be damned interesting to watch this year unfold.

-Military Political and Diplomatic Trends Of 2016 That Will Shape 2017

DOJ & FBI Had Long Relationship With Dossier Authors–It Is Coming Down

The entire FBI and CIA must be dismantled from the top down and those found guilty of the crimes, treasons and subversive acts should be prosecuted without mercy for there cannot be an American resurg

December 12, 2017
Google Must Be Dismembered & Soon

The society of experts will control propaganda and education. It will teach loyalty to the world government, and make nationalism high treason. The government, being an oligarchy, will instill submiss

December 12, 2017
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