Must Listen to this–WOW! The Shocking Truth About Hillary Clinton, Missing Trillions & Assassinations

I have been absent from my blog for well over a month now. I was so overwhelmed by the surreal absurdity of events, it drove me into a semi catatonic state. Peering into the abyss of my existential nothingness, as I like to call it. I was hoping to produce a summary of thoughts on the total insanity which continues to permeate the American landscape, as I have spent the time researching and reading across a broad array of subjects and sources relevant to the evil that America and the world are up against. And They are formidable. However, I thought this interview worthy of sending out, especially as it has not likely received much attention from the blogosphere. 

I hope to return to sending out my thoughts at some point and those of others I think are of critical importance. Not because has a large readership,  as it does not (only in the several thousands) as I no patience for all the tags and associated web tools one needs to use to expand beyond a dribble of new subscribers per week. (Of course, not wishing to be Hillaryesque, the real reason is likely the content.) However, it is an essential catharsis for me to rant against the powers arrayed against us, no matter how futile the efforts. It keeps me sane, barely.

The elites of corruption and evil feel more threatened today than in the many decades of their ascendency to almost total control. This makes them more dangerous. They will not relinquish power without blood. It is a battle between good and evil, darkness and light. We can not fail.  Given the technologies of control and total surveillance which are now available, it is likely that not just the American people, but all of humanity will become enslaved under a tyranny more powerful than any of the 20th Century's dystopian novels. A slavery which will last for many generations if not for ever. This is not hyperbole. The threat is very real and growing by the day.

Besides, the treasons, pedophilia, murders and so many other corrupt acts of the Clinton Crime Family and the entire inner circle of the power elites, the theft of trillions boggles the mind. The call for a special counsel to start the process of eradicating the evil must succeed. The fight is over far more than ideology or money, it is over protecting the Satanic corrupt from being outed and hung.

A Few Things To Give Thanks For!!


November 23, 2017
This Is The Real America, Not Made In Hollywood or Forced By the Corrupt, Evil & Power Crazed Technocrats In D.C.!!

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November 23, 2017
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