Obama Classifies Details of Agreement, Accepts 2500 Middle East Detention-Center Refugees REJECTED by Australia -America Can Not Remove This Jackass Fast enough!

Do not for one damn minute think that the narcissistic asshole, unfortunately, still living in the White House has one ounce of empathy for the criminals Australia rejected. This fascist progressive does not care who these animals, or any of the criminal illegal aliens that he has intentionally released upon America, murders or rapes while they receive benefits from the government that should be going to our own citizens in need. He seeks to disrupt the remaining community fabric of the nation to create the chaos that his kind seek in order to impose a complete tyranny, or it is simply a fuck you America act of revenge. The quasi man-thing is beyond despicable. Please, God make him go away!

Is this Obama’s final slap in the face to the American people?

Our BOZO president has agreed to take in 2500 Middle East refugees who are currently in detention centers after being rejected by Australia.

Obama has been orchestrating a secret deal to bring in the so-called “refugees” before Trump takes office.

The refugees have been rejected by Australia.

However, that’s not even the worst part……

Obama has classified the details on the refugees.

Republicans Demand White House Declassify Refugee Deal

Source: BREAKING : Obama Classifies Details of Agreement to Accept 2500 Middle East Detention-Center Refugees REJECTED by Australia – TruthFeed

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