admin-ajax-6You must know that no matter who “wins” in November, the most odious One will remain more visible than any President in the nation’s history. He will remain the Narcissist In Chief for as long as the American people can take it without self-defenestration or gagging to a welcome death on their spoons. Unfortunately, given the likelihood of a more formal coup by the power elites and their obnoxious self-backslapping servant still in the White House, it is not totally out of the realm of the possible that all of us will be forced to watch and listen to this egomaniac from the dark screens on every home, office wall and street corner in America as the All Seeing Eyes of The Obama, the Royal I.

Obama Refers to Himself 171 Times In a Single Town Hall in Laos

‘I am the first United States president to ever come here’

As Regular readers know we’ve taken to observing President Obama’s habit of frequently referencing himself during his speeches. We thought his address at the Democratic National Convention — where he reflected upon his eight years in office — would likely represent the pinnacle of this rhetorical tic.

If only.

While speaking Wednesday afternoon to students in Laos, Obama blew away his past records for self-references. During a 72 minute townhall, Obama somehow managed to reference himself an astonishing 171 times.

Obama mentioned — repeatedly — how he’s the first president to visit Laos. He spoke at length about his affinity for Asia, and about his upbringing in Indonesia. He spoke of his wife’s work in nutrition, and his children going away for school. He spoke about his plans to vacation in Laos after leaving office. And so much more … about Obama.

Note that in past tabulations we included — in addition to “me,” “myself,” “I,” and “my” — his use of “we” when he was referring to his administration. This time around we excluded plural pronouns, as the above montage would simply go on too long. We did, however, include his references to his wife and other family members.

Did we miscount? Feel free to let us know in the comments section.

Click on these to watch, listen and then puke!

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Source: Watch Obama Refer to Himself 171 Times During a Single Townhall in Laos :: Grabien News

1984 – Big Brother Obama from RightChange on Vimeo.

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