‘Obama wiretapped my phone’: Obama accused of ‘plotting silent coup’ Rise Up America!!!!

Arrest the homosexual pedophile former President now! I cannot stress enough the dangers of not cracking down soon on the leaders of the American coup being led by Obama and his masters, something I have discussed many times before. This is not about ideology!!! It is about protecting the criminal elites of both parties in Washington and in the board rooms of our transnationalist corporate titans. It is about a massive pedophile and satanic ring in our nations capital that has been operating for decades. It is about murder and the hidden state. It is about the most powerful criminal organization in the world led by the CIA, the force behind the largest drug and human trafficking system to ever destroy the lives of millions in this nation and around the world. It is about pure evil. They cannot let the truth be known and they will risk destroying America to do protect their degenerate, treasonous cabal. This is exactly what they are doing to this country as I write this. Time to rise up America! Time to end the rule of corruption by psychopathic, sociopathic elites that have taken this nation to the brink of civil war. Arrest Obama, Clinton and the entire syndicate of criminals. 

President Trump reveals Obama administration had his office in Trump Tower wiretapped during the election, though nothing illegal was found.

The swirling battle in Washington over President Trump’s desire for a detente with Russia has just taken a dramatic twist with President Trump’s disclosure in an extraordinary series of tweets that back in October – just before the election – US President Obama had Trump’s office in Trump Tower tapped.

The President has also disclosed that a court initially refused Obama’s request for a warrant to have Trump Tower tapped, though a renewed request was later granted.

This means that the wiretap was legal, and that the Obama administration presented some evidence to the court, which the court accepted, that there were legitimate grounds for the wiretap.  In the event the wiretap found nothing.

Details of what happened have been provided by conservative radio host Mark Levin in comments which were almost certainly sourced from the White House (probably from Steve Bannon) and which have been expanded in an article in Breitbart News.  Mark Levin’s timeline is as follows

BREAKING Trump Obama wiretapped my phone Obama accused of plotting silent coup

Source: BREAKING: Trump: ‘Obama wiretapped my phone’: Obama accused of ‘plotting silent coup’

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