The War Between Globalist, Centralized Tyranny By Elites & Freedom, National Sovereignty & Individual Rights Is Coming To A Head

Macron has EU troops and EU armored vehicles in France to suppress his own people. Though, as you may recall, this Rothschild banking and former elite child sex toy, was inaugurated not to the French national anthem, but to the German/EU Ode to Joy by Beethoven! Can you imagine, if Hillary Clinton was elected President and... View Article

The Lower Troposphere Has Not Warmed In The Last 26 Years

oops, what does big brother Al think? How does this sit with the EPA fascists? The nearly two-decade long pause in global warming may just be the tip of the iceberg for evidence against anthropogenic

US Court Sets Precedent by Ruling Guatemalan Domestic Violence Victim Can Seek Asylum

Mind-numbing….. The top U.S. immigration court ruled this week that women from other countries fleeing domestic violence and fearing for their lives can now legally seek asylum in the United Sta

Inconvenient Truths – Monty Pelerin’s World

Rather compelling statement about the sheer stupidity of the Islamist stance–  Truths often get lost in the emotions that color everyday news. The media has a meme and inconvenient truths must

16 Apocalyptic Quotes From Global Health Officials About This Horrific Ebola Epidemic

Perfectly understand the chaos erupting around the world as the American Empire crumbles, it is a path well trodden in human history, but the rest of it? Mere coincidence? Ebola continues to spread an

Dark Age America: The Cauldron of Nations

No heresy raises hackles in the contemporary world quite so effectively as the suggestion that the soaring towers and equally lofty pretensions of the industrial world could become the crumbling ruins

4 Pinocchio’s for this performance– how does one defend stupid?

Thanks to the holiday, it took Glenn Kessler a few days to catch up to the White House’s attempt to get out from under Barack Obama’s assertion that ISIS was nothing more than the al-Qaeda “jayv

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