The Psychopaths of the New World Order –

Throw your belief system out the door. The commentary in the enclosed video is not racist, it simply questions the reality imposed upon us all, as we the brainwashed and manipulated are migrating very, very rapidly towards a mass of mind controlled jello. Watch it to the very end.  I disagree vociferously with the idea... View Article

Matthews: Obama’s second inaugural was just like Lincoln’s, Chuck Todd: Much more progressive than anything said on the campaign ( he lied?), and Charles Krauthammer: We are Big Government!

Welcome to the National Proctology exam--no sedatives, no jelly... Obama is the accelerant on a smoldering fire set many years ago. Trying to regulate and control under the centripetal force of Big G

Proprietary information garnered by the Washington Guardian 

Proprietary information garnered by the Washington Guardian    Ambassador's final warning on Benghazi Just hours before he died in a terrorist attack at the U.S. compound in Benghazi, Ambassador Chr

No One Likes A Liar

No One Likes A Liar Barack Obama versus Martin Luther King Jr.   The Greatest Way to Dishonor Martin Luther King Jr. What's the greatest way to dishonor Martin Luther King Jr.? Compare him with U

This argument is totally wrong

Yes, several representatives from the slave holding states mentioned the need to bear arms to protect against revolts by slaves and Indians, but one of the catalysts to the states desirous of a more b

The World Economic Forum 2013

Global Risks Report 2013 Press Conference   Global Risks Report 2013: Report Introduction video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player

If this nation does not abide by the rule of law outside our borders, why does anyone think we will do so within them?

"There is nothing, nothing, that the state ever does that does not derive from a presumed authority to employ whatever amount of deadly force its officials deem necessary—or just convenient—to ach

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