“I Know What North Korea Wants” – President Carter Warns; The Empire Knows AS well.

Absolutely correct. If anyone has ever bothered to read the PNAC document (Project for New American Century) you would have become aware of the plan, as laid out by the key neocons who would eventually populate the Bush administration, most of whom had also directed the prior Bush Presidency as well, that clearly stated that... View Article

Democrat Social Pyramid

  Source: Democrat Social Pyramid

RACHEL MADCOW EXPOSES 9/11 AND THE BOSTON BOMBINGS (Actually, material I have never seen)

I have been absent for the past two weeks, primarily from the bite of the Plum Island deer tick ( the escaping deers could just have landed on the other side of the Connecticut river banks and the tic

De Blasio employee arrested for child pornography-Fry the bastard. But first get names.

Nothing but filth, fostered by the very top of the party of Satanist pedophiles from the Clinton's on down. The truly sickening thing about all of this Pedogate perversion is that that not only does t

The Psychopaths of the New World Order –

Throw your belief system out the door. The commentary in the enclosed video is not racist, it simply questions the reality imposed upon us all, as we the brainwashed and manipulated are migrating very

Trump Derangement Syndrome–They Will Take Him Down

I wish I had the faith of Alex Jones and Roger Stone, but I don't. I want Trump to be real, to be the genuine article that the people of America, along with myself, voted for; however, I am further al

Do You WannaCry? Who Benefits From Global Cyber Attack? Insecurity Is A Growth Industry.

I find it always amazing how very timely events on the domestic or world stage are immediately portrayed as pure happenstance, bad luck and just one of those things. The global, clearly coordinated cy

Freaky Friday Politics: Republicans And Democrats Keep Switching Positions – Very Funny, True But Rather Sad

Generalized Insanity for sure. However, if chaos is the goal so the American people cry out for a solution--it all makes more sense, even though still totally INSANE. From Reason TV. The two parties a

Now Federal Investigator: Seth Rich was DNC leaker & Julian Assange Retweeted The Report

Lock Her Up!!!! Assange's retweet is as good as a direct statement, this murdered kid was the leaker of the damned DNC tapes and Podesta as much as said the leaker deserved to die.  Arrest Hillary Cl

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