NOAA Just Put Out An Alert Of Accelerating Magnetic Pole Movement –Pay Attention

If someone told you there was a 50%, perhaps even substantially higher, that your house or apartment was going to burn down what would you do? Perhaps, take out a little more insurance at the very least. However, if, after substantially more research, you concluded that the prognostication was, in fact, not only based on very... View Article

Are Professional Sports Fixed? Would you leave a multi-billion dollar business up to chance?

Are Professional Sports Fixed? Would you leave a multi-billion dollar business up to chance? The answer is? NO. In a world seething with corruption; where the FBI is engaged in a coup against a sittin

Human Generated Global Warming–Not.

The Greenland Ice Sheet Has Not Been Complying With The AGW Narrative Consider these recently-determined scientific conclusions pertaining to the Greenland Ice Sheet. (a)  Greenland was 3 to 5 °C w

Major Volcanic & Seismic Activity Ahead–Be Prepared!

Tim’s Pleasant Thought for the day!! This is exactly what was predicted by the Grand Solar Minimum models–It is going to get much worse. Volcanic ash will accelerate the coming mini-ice ag

The Memo Is Out–Watch Alex Jones, William Binney Gave It To Him and Trump Published. Binney Is Going to be on the show.

Can you hear the trundles rolling as the Guillotine awaits? Fisa Memo Out And BelowCert-FISC-Memo-Opin-Order-Apr-2017

America And The World Face A Perfect Storm: Moral, Political, Religious and Climate. Your Life Depends On Awakening

From the drama of a thoroughly immoral and corrupted system so disgustingly evident in our nation’s capital to a global elite determined to fulfill their presumed destiny of total control over t

There’s a reason Adam Schiff doesn’t want America to see the Nunes memo-Your Too Stupid

A truth that disheartens, because it is true, is still of far more value than the most stimulating of falsehoods. —MAURICE MAETERLINCK In 1931, when Brave New World was being written, I was convin

Harvard Hosts Anal Sex Workshop Entitled ‘What What in the Butt’ –

What in the name of all that was once good in America have we become? For those of you that think this has all been a natural evolution, think again and do some god damn research. This has been the pl

What Is Sessions Doing? This Odious Bitch Should Already Be In Prison

Awaiting execution! How can anyone defend this lying bitch? If you are still a believer in thunder ankles in a pantsuit, watch this and think hard to see if you can break out of your self-imposed cogn

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