President Trump’s Disappearance–We Have Lost–Nothing Is As It Seems- ORDO AB CHAO

I have mentioned in the past a growing uneasiness with the Donald. As one who believes that nothing, yes, nothing with our government in Washington that is presented on the surface as reality, is remotely true. Washington, and the politics ruled by the manipulating hands of the hidden powers, the Deep State, the CIA and all those that are ultimately subject to the commands of the greed, power and control driven overlords of power within the inner bastions of the pedophile, Satanic, transnational elite.  

We know nothing about reality, most even less than the few, for the indoctrination and brainwashing of the elites systemic propaganda machinery have destroyed the independence of mind of several generations of Americans. Now, we are witness to the destruction of the First Amendment’s protection of free speech, almost absolutely so on the campuses of learning. From kindergarten to graduate school the insidious memes of the progressive fascist left have taken total control over the minds of America’s youth that should be defending all of the attacks on freedom that they are now violently, irrationally supporting.  

It is as if everything that the left once stood for has been inverted in the Bizarro world of opposites. However, once I again I stress, for anyone with a modicum of free will left in their poisoned minds, the truth of the goals of the heirs to the Illuminati, Fabians, Round Table and the original voices of the eugenicist, enlightened progressives of of the late 19th and early 20th centuries has been there for all to read. How prescient of these evil, totalitarian minds that they knew even then that their words would go unheeded and, for the most part, unread. Everything we have been force fed about America, world history and yes, even our physical existence and all of nature contains, at best, only partial truths.

It is like the difference between the Newtonian physics of the macro world and the realities of Heisenberg, Schroedinger, Penrose and so many other brilliant minds; only far worse. To survive, to break out of the matrix ( an overused concept, but the Wachowski brothers, now the Wachowski sisters, had insights into our reality that were beyond uncanny) we must all question everything we have been told and internalized as fact by the established systems of authority from government to church and from the schools and books they have produced, in fact, the massive product that has been generated of the past up until now has likely been built from a cornerstone of lies.  The more vociferously the system screams out against alternative perspectives, the more suppression the establishment incites its brainwashed minions to enforce against those who refuse to accept the programmed world of cradle to grave propaganda and mass mind control, the more we must embrace those views, for they likely hold far more truth than the elites can tolerate the awakened mind to accept.  

It is increasingly likely that Donald Trump was a Trojan horse designed to placate our needs for some sense of control, of our belief that we live in a democracy.  Or, at best, he has been captured already by the Deep State through threats of the kind that they have fine tuned for generations of covert control over the rulers of America. Whatever and however, it matters little for the results are evidence enough.

Julian Assange is a hero for freedom and transparency, not a criminal.

The Import/Export Bank is an absurd distortion in our economy.

The unprovoked, unjustified, unverified and so obviously false flag driven attack on another sovereign nation regardless of how many Trump deranged supporters have warped their views to become inline with the joyous neocon, military industrial owned murderers voices of approval, was totally unacceptable.

There is a rationalization about by the die-hard Trump advocates that he may have been willing to sacrifice his soul to gain control over his own narrative from the lefts totally absurd Russian mantras, perhaps this is so. However, embracing the evils of war to placate the powerful forces arrayed against him reminds me of the words of Winston Churchill, ” Appeasement is like watching a crocodile eat your neighbor in the hopes that eats you last.” Major mistake, at the very least. 

The Trump administration’s war stance and military spending plans makes it all but impossible for their to be sufficient capital for the far more important need for internal infrastructure rebuilding and the needs of the poor. 

The Goldman ownership of our domestic and international economic policy and likely much more is more than indicative of the establishment ownership of the administration.  The reversal of almost all of the promises of the pre-election Trump have occurred with astounding quickness.

Watch for signs of reversing his stated promises on the TPP, now being revived by the ultimate corrupt corporate shill, Paul Ryan, likely did not occur in a vacuum.

Watch, as well, for reversals on his anti-climate change stance in general and his very strongly voiced pre-election attacks on the absurd globalist control system laid out in the Paris Accord. If his daughter and son-in-law have as much influence as seems apparent, there will be a rapid reversal and some form of embracing of global warming dogma.  

Perhaps, Trump now knows that the elites have a planned for a global economic implosion and world war. All now planned to be blamed on the populist revolution and the leadership here and in Europe that has embraced it. Brexit, Le Penn, Trump are being set-up to be the greatest patsies history has ever known, they will make Lee Harvey Oswald and the stripper, drug and alcohol crazed “Islamic extremists” that supposedly took down the Twin Towers all look like minor actors on the stage of the drama written over generations. We are in the final act.

They cannot let the populist revolution and the democratic engorged people of American and the West truly take charge. They cannot and they will not. Prepare for civil unrest. Prepare for war. Prepare for economic collapse. Prepare for tyranny. Truth always wins in the end. In this battle between good, God or the universal consciousness and evil, Satan, reptilians or aliens matters little, we will win in the end, but there is a chasm of pain, suffering and chaos that lies ahead.

ORDO AB CHAO:From chaos comes order, let us all pray and hope that it is our order and not theirs. 


President Trump’s Disappearance

-Paul Craig Roberts

In my long experience in Washington, vice presidents did not make major foreign policy announcements or threaten other countries with war. Not even Dick Cheney stole this role from the weak president George W. Bush.

But yesterday the world witnessed VP Pence threaten North Korea with war. “The sword stands ready,” said Pence as if he is the commander in chief.

Perhaps he is.

Where is Trump? As far as I can tell from the numerous emails I receive from him, he is at work marketing his presidency. Once Trump won the election, I began receiving endless offers to purchase Trump baseball caps, T-shirts, cuff-links, coffee mugs, and to donate $3 to be entered into a raffle to win some memorabilia. The latest offer is a chance to win oneof “personally signed five incredible photographs of our historic and massive inauguration.”

For Trump, the presidency is a fund-raising device. If his VP, National Security Advisor, Secretary of Defense, UN Ambassador, CIA Director, whoever, want to start wars wherever, that’s just more memorabilia to raffle off for a $3 donation.

As a result of Trump’s failure to govern his own government, we have VP Pence telling Russia and China that there could be a nuclear exchange on their borders between the US and North Korea. Although Pence is not smart enough to know, this is not something Russia and China will accept.

Washington worries about North Korea having nuclear weapons, but the entire world worries that Washington has nuclear weapons. And so many of them. World polls have shown that the majority of the world’s population are far more concerned about the threat to peace posed by Washington and Israel than by Iran, North Korea, Russia and China.

Pence prefaced his “the sword stands ready” remark with “the United States of America will always seek peace,” which after Serbia, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Pakistan, and Syria is as false a statement as it is possible to make. From Washington’s perspective it is always Washington’s victims that are “reckless and provocative,” never Washington.

The US stands for war. If the world is driven to Armageddon, it will be Washington, not North Korea, Iran, Russia, or China, that brings life on earth to an end.

Source: President Trump’s Disappearance

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