Why They Pulled The Plug On Hillary

giphy-40Clearly, Hillary's cancellation of the fireworks display that was planned for the celebration of her election to the Presidency was not because a wave of modest came over her, nor is it likely that her confidence was shaken by the pollsters and media, as they were truly stunned by her loss. It was because the money grubbing, greedy pig did not want to waste the funds on something that was not going to be a celebration, but a funeral for her career. She was told by the corrupt power elites, the hidden ruling hands, that they had now determined that she was too much of a liability following the Huma/Weiner laptop discovery. Not just a liability to herself, but to many other powerful people in Washington and New York, perhaps even globally.  

The revelations on Podesta's emails from Wikileaks provides a sense of what has been leaked already to be contained in the Weinergate investigation. There is to be found a level of disgusting sexual and moral deviancy and degradation that could, and should, destroy the lives, reputations and freedoms for a wide swath of elites in America; Satanism, organized pedophilia, unimaginable child abuse and even human sacrifice. This is the stuff of nightmares and horror movies, but it is real and far more pervasive among our elites than most of us can imagine. The Clinton's were deeply involved, as was much of their extended circle. However, the story does not end with the Clinton's, as it goes all the way back George H.W. Bush and many political power players on both sides of the aisle.

giphy-38The extent of the criminality of these people knows no boundaries. They could not afford to have Hillary in the Oval Office and under full investigation. Perhaps, by mollifying the covert services, the FBI and the NYPD by pushing the Clinton's aside, the hidden hands believed that they can suppress the anger and outrage about the crimes they and their ilk had committed. If there is no follow on investigation, no special prosecutor at the federal level or a criminal investigation and grand jury called by the NYPD, then the gambit will have worked. If these crimes are not made public and attacked by the full force of justice, America as a nation will still be lost no matter how Donald Trump governs. 

History Will Show That Donald Trump’s Presidency Was Our Greatest Ever

Of course, the treasonous Muslim Soros/CIA Saudi tool Barrack Hussein Obama will go down as the worst President in the most damaging Presidency in American history past, present and future.  Hear me

December 18, 2017
DOJ & FBI Had Long Relationship With Dossier Authors–It Is Coming Down

The entire FBI and CIA must be dismantled from the top down and those found guilty of the crimes, treasons and subversive acts should be prosecuted without mercy for there cannot be an American resurg

December 12, 2017
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