Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map” A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks: This Is It. The End Of The Evil Is Nigh!

The people of America, the people of the world may be on the brink of the first chance at real freedom since at least 1776 (Adam Weishaupt’s founding of the Bavarian Illuminati). Of equal, and from a moral and empathetic perspective likely far more important, several hundred years of Satanic evil seeking to control all the world, along with their heinous cult of pedophilia and child sacrifice is about to be revealed, and through this revelation, no matter how disgusting and upsetting to all good people of America and the entire world, the sickening global cabal will be destroyed. Must be destroyed before this nation and all nations on this earth can finally be rid of the pestilence of the elite, corporate and banking networks, the above the law royals, the anti-Popes and pedophile leaders of what has now become a church of Satan, psychopathic evil that has already destroyed hundreds upon hundreds of millions of lives over the past several centuries.

The people must rise up against them all, from Washington to Hollywood, to London and many capitals of the powers of the world, we must rip them from their perches on thrones of wealth, privilege and blood. On the 11th documents will be delivered to Congress. On the 15th the Inspector Generals Report comes forth and a special prosecutor will be appointed. From this point, likely for many years to come, the depraved power elites will be prosecuted, locked up and I can assure you, as a result of the grotesque, stomach-turning bloody acts committed, many will hang in the public squares.

Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map”
A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks: A Treasure Trove of Maps, Diagrams, Org Charts, and Family Trees

Article updated twice on January 9, 2018, now with over three dozen new resources, some very large and high resolution.

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The material presented below has been collected the old-fashioned way: Google. Aside from Dylan Louis Monroe’s remarkably detailed “Q Web,” nothing is new that the the Alt Media crowd hasn’t had access to, so “Q Anon” didn’t drop any of this. This is a collection of notes and diagrams from a few bloggers and memeologists, that’s it. We are not affiliated with Q Anon nor any organization. All of this information is intended to be shared and reposted, including this article in its entirety.

This is a dynamic article with more maps and diagrams being added and Dylan has and will continue to provide updates, revisions, and a number of additional products. We have begun to add videos that use this article as a resource and would welcome links to videos that do so. If you have additions for this collection, please get them to the Meme Lab Facebook group.



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Thanks to all the nameless, faceless contributors to our collective knowledge base, especially for that which is available on the interwebs.

Introductory Overview Viedos

There are several dozen highly detailed images below, and navigating through them may seem quite overwhelming. There’s an army of Alternative Media Reporters and Vloggers who are providing excellent analyses that provide a number of alternative narratives that might be closer to the truth than the official narrative pushed by Mainstream Media (MSM). At the top of this post appear a number of videos that provide overviews of the collection of maps before you go diving into the collection. At the bottom of the article are other video reports referencing this article. If you create a video, please send the link to someone at Meme Lab.

The SGT Report does a great overview starting at 3:05 and is covered through the rest of the video.

XtremeRealityCheck has done a great job providing an introduction to our collection of dozens of maps, diagrams, org charts, and family trees:

Q Web by Dylan Louis Monroe

The source for this first, remarkably detailed, high resolution, and very current map is Dylan Louis Monroe, who has provided some direction on how to read it. Chronologically it runs from top to bottom.

Download Original High Resolution Maps:

Version 1.7 posted January 7, 2018
8.5×11” (LETTER) 5MB
18×24” 12MB
Internet Version (beige background)

KEY to the Q-web  (link to the Key that appears below this image)


Must read entire PDF From Through the Looking Glass–Study it! Q has awoken a global network of individuals from around the world. Though many have seen such maps before, some of which may be viewed are “over-the-top”, however, the direction the maps point us in is the reality of what we are fighting. It is deep. It is wealthy and powerful. It has no empathy as with all psychopaths. We must defeat this and though some may not be encouraged by all of what Donald Trump has done as President, he is our only hope. 

-Q Anon Learn to Read the Map A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks A Treasure Trove

Source: Q Anon: “Learn to Read the Map” A Cartography of the Globally Organized Corruption Networks: A Treasure Trove of Maps, Diagrams, Org Charts, and Family Trees

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